Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NEW Rue + What a Weekend.

HELLO and Happy Tuesday! Tuesday? How does that happen so quick? Sorry for my absence yesterday... but I was busy preparing for the NEW issue of RUE! That's right. Daily content wasn't enough... we had to give you a full issue too!

AND... I might be biased. But I did a very special story that you can find on page 30. You may have stumbled upon a few sneak previews back in December and I'm so excited to finally share. I can't wait to hear what you all think!!! 

I missed out on sharing my normal What a Weekend post yesterday, so here you go!

Tim surprised me with an impromptu date night. We started at Wine Jar on Fillmore. Totally cute place for a glass [or bottle] of bubbly!

 Then we had gluten-free pizza at Xtreme Pizza. Full disclosure? It was terrible. Might I suggest the gluten version?!

Then we saw Silver Linings Playbook at the Sundance Kabuki Theater. I can't believe we waited SO long to watch it... such a good movie! [or film. When you're talking about Oscar noms, I think you're supposed to say it was a good FILM.]

What I love about Kabuki is not ONLY that they have reserved seats [jackpot], but they also have a cute bar you can hang out at while you wait. Spiked-lemonade is my new go-to! 

Sundays are for hanging out in coffee shops. Flywheel near Golden Gate Park is one of our favorites. These Bodum mugs are gorgeous, but you lose the appeal of warming your hands on your cup. Which is my favorite. 

Tim draws, I read. It is a perfect situation. THIS Sunday, I left my phone & iPad at home... forcing myself to actually pay attention to my book. [Right now I'm reading The China Study.]

I'm not really one for sporting football gear, but this red sweatshirt from San Franpsycho [my neighborhood spot!] was perfect for cheering on the 49ers. 

And as always, I enjoyed the game with a mimosa. OKAY whatever, I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, what a bummer! THOUGH... can we discuss how incredible Beyonce is? And that the moment I saw Destiny's Child together again I ACTUALLY jumped on the couch? 

I hope you all had a great weekend + a great Monday. NOW GO READ THE NEW RUE!!! 


  1. What a cute couple you two are. Looks like you had a great weekend around town. Loving the idea of unplugging at brunch. I may do that this weekend!

    1. And just checked out your feature. Great work. Good shots and a great concept.

  2. OMG I hate to age myself here...but when I was a kid the Sundance theater used to be the Kabuki and boy has it been stepped up. I'm so spoiled now that I prefer to go there for movies with the assigned seating and naturally...alcohol. haha...

    Also love your feature! It's so great!


  3. Cute photos! Looks like a fun weekend! I'm a little sad the pizza was horrible! It looks really good! lol


  4. How fun! You and your BF are so cute together!

  5. You are SO ADORABLE in Rue Magazine! Congratulations :)


  6. That pizza looks so amazing, I can't believe it didn't taste good. Sometimes gluten-free crust is even better than the regular kind! Bummer. Heading over to Rue now... ;)

  7. Ok just looked at the Boise article... how awesome that you got to showcase your hometown! I'm sure the shop owners really appreciated the love. I have been to Boise just once, but didn't realize how cute it was!!


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