Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rue Shops Boise pt.2

hat Target // overcoat Michael Kors // leather jacket Pins and Needles (on SALE!) // tee H&M, similar // jeans AG // shoes C-Label

As promised, here are some other favorites from the Rue Shops Boise shoot with Sara K. Byrne. I wrote "other favorites" but what I meant was "photos of myself." If you're going to keep reading this blog, we'll need to keep an open relationship you know? And so if I'm being open: I was really excited to have gotten my hair and makeup done, and I was really excited to have professional photographers working their magic. I definitely don't look like this every day. For example, as I type this- I am wearing the same San Franpsycho sweatshirt I wore for the Super Bowl and I have pajama pants with cats on them. I call them "Cat Pajamas." Anyone who knows me in real life has seen Cat Pajamas more than once.

Luckily, occasions like Rue Shops Boise come up and I'm forced out of Cat Pajamas and into something somewhat fashionable. I sort of planned ahead what I'd be wearing, but not 100%. When it came time to get ready for the shoot, I was in a bit of a scramble as I was living out of a suitcase. But, I am really pleased with how everything turned out. The hat was a last minute addition- it was like 7 degrees. Ok, it was in the 30s. But it felt like 7. 

Again, major thank you to Deseree for making me look pretty, and to Sara K. Byrne Photography for also making me look pretty. :)


  1. You look awesome. I love the hat
    Hope you can check out my latest post.

  2. I am a total creeper, but isn't that what this blog world is all about? But your blog is slowly, but surely becoming my favorite. It is so refreshing that you are so honest about who you are in "real life." It is relatively easy to tell when bloggers try and fabricate their lives to be more glamorous than they really are. And I mean, being honest honestly makes you more loveable and relateable! Love your cat pajamas!

  3. Such cute photos! Can I just say I am loving your hair girl!


  4. These pictures are great!


  5. You look gorgeous, Kelli. Looks like you had so much fun doing this! Congratulations!


  6. I am in the same boat as Katherine. ^^
    I too have found your blog to become one of my favorites. I love how real you come across in each post. You are talented my dear!

  7. I love your hat! You take great pics!


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