Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rue Shops BOISE!

As I told you yesterday, I did an AMAZING feature with Rue Magazine for the Feb/March issue. If you haven't seen it, I took Rue to my hometown of Boise, ID for tour of my favorite shopping spots. I am not going to play it down or act like I'm way too cool... this was literally a DREAM COME TRUE. I am so grateful to be working for Rue, and to be able to show where I'm from was really special. 

I started the day with my savior, Deseree. If you're in the Boise area, she NEEDS to be in charge of your hair and makeup. NEED. She is so talented, and makes me feel pretty. Which is nice of her, and very important to me. The whole purpose of a stylist is to make you feel good about yourself, and Deseree is an expert at just that. 

THEN, I met up with the duo behind Sara K Byrne Photography, Sara and her fiancĂ© Dylan. They are SO talented, and working with them was a breeze. I can't wait to partner on future projects! We went around to the shops I frequented while I was still a Boise girl. For the reasons I LOVE these spots, you'll have to read the Rue story. Here are a few favorite photos from each location: 

Since I am vain and also this is a fashion-based blog, I'll be back tomorrow with a few of my favorite portraits AND my outfit details!

Major MAJOR  thank you to Deseree, Sara K Byrne Photography, and Rue Magazine for letting me produce this feature!


  1. Great post! Your outfit is lovely too :)

    Paris Alma

  2. Superb pics. Congrats on having that opportunity. Sounds like you have a great gig going.
    You need to frame the pic of the Records wall. Love that!


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