Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[NOW CLOSED] Sunglasses Giveaway with DITTO!

Today, I have a super exciting post. First, I am going to tell you about this rad new company- DITTO- and then, you have a chance to win a $250 gift certificate! YEP! Read on, friends:

SO, since moving to SF- shopping has been sort of a bust since I rely on public transportation to get around. Hauling everything home on a MUNI bus is the opposite of glamorous... it's horrifying. When I need a quick fashion-fix, I turn to my BFF the Internet. However, I think we can all agree that online shopping has one major downfall: you can't try stuff on! Clicking that coveted "order" button can be a bit nerve-wracking. Fortunately, DITTO exists to change all of that. 

Using 3D video technology, you can actually try on sunglasses [or regular eyeglasses] from the comfort of your computer! Confused?? Watch this video. By recording your face through your webcam, you're able to see yourself in different sunglasses and choose a favorite. You can also send it to your friends to get a second opinion. Umm... technology is amazing, no?? I had a blast trying on nearly every pair of glasses they had- especially since they have big names like ChloĆ©, Illesteva, Elizabeth and James, and Ray-Ban. I am loving this pair [LOU LOU] by Phillip Lim:

I've already planned a whole new outfit to go with them: 
NOW, since DITTO is the best, they're giving ONE lucky Leopard and Lavender reader a $250 gift certificate to pick out their own pair! Here's how to enter:

1. You must be a follower of Leopard and Lavender. Click "Join this Site" on the right hand sidebar. 

2. Next, create your own DITTO, and find your favorite pair of glasses by virtually trying them on! 

3. Then, share on one [or more!] of the following social platforms. For every spot you share, you earn an entry. 

For FACEBOOK: Share to Facebook by clicking the link directly on DITTO’s site. Tag BOTH Leopard and Lavender as well as DITTO in the photo. 
For INSTAGRAM: Take a picture of your DITTO and post to Instagram. Tag both @shopditto and @kelliryder.
For TWITTERTake a picture of your DITTO and share on Twitter. Tag both @shopditto and @kelliryder.

Be sure to like/follow both myself & DITTO on whichever media you share on! Leave a comment below letting me know where you shared + your choice of glasses. A winner will be chosen next Wednesday, March 6.

Good luck!

dream outfit details: shirt // shoes // pants // bag // watch // polish 


CONGRATS TINA! Please email leopardandlavender [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize! 
[winner was chosen through order of valid entries]


  1. I just realized I look like poo and no one wants to record that so I will do the other entries later today!

  2. I follow you on GFC (MaeveBe) and I tweeted my photo! (@bball_3211) What an awesome website. I also follow you and ditto on twitter now :) The hudson glasses are so cool....i have too many favourites now!

  3. gfc - Stefanie Gladden
    shared on facebook -

    liked on facebook - ann lyfe
    follow on twitter - @steffiex516

    I love the Vera Wang Bridgette sunglasses!


  4. I follow on GFC as Jennifer Dysart, I created a ditto and shared on instagram, @eleanor_rigby1

    I follow both you and ditto on instagram.

    email: jenni_412 at yahoo dot com

    1. I liked the Philip Lim Lou Lou's and that's what I shared, though I am no where near done trying everything on lol!

  5. I follow everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Insta! I also shared the giveaway on all 3 too! I'm seriously crushing on the Illevesta Leonard Sunnies! I need them in my life!! Hope I win fingers are crossed!

  6. Oooo la la ! Never knew about that site, and it's AWESOME & now addicting!
    Following you, like, and love you on all :)
    Shared on facebook, twitter, & instagram - Kristina Kay Grier, tastingdaisy, & grierkristina

    Kristina Kay Grier xoxo

  7. I follow on FB, Twitter, and Instagram! Shared the giveaway and images on all three {awkward though...I should have smiled :)} - was all about the Ray-Bans, but the Phillip Lim's and Vera Wang's are my favorite!


  8. I'm following the blog as a member now. I followed both on Twitter and Instagram and posted my picture to each with both tagged. I included a funny quip because that's just how I roll. I'm crossing my fingers! Those sunglasses are pretty awesome.

    Thanks for the great give-away offer! It's pretty cool and innovative software that they have.

  9. I shared on instagram and twitter, love those elizabeth and james glasses that they pair me with! I [google] follow you because you are real, beautiful [inside and out] and awesome. :)

  10. Hello,
    I am very interested in entering your giveaway for the gift certificate for sunglasses. This is why I NEED these sunglasses:
    OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so so so so so soooooo VERY much (I cannot thank you enough!) for this!!!!!!!(: I soooooo GREATLY appreciate it(:!!! I do not own ANY sunglasses at the moment that's right spring/summer is coming and I do not have ANYTHING to protect my poor eyeballs from the harmful UV rays of the sun :( With school and everything, I really cannot afford a good pair right now, unfortunately, and I am trying not to buy a cheap pair because usually they do not look very good and are really bad quality and break/scratch/get really dirty/etc. easily and all the money you put buying those cheap pairs add up to the amount you could have bought an expensive pair witch I have been needing(really badly, especially when driving and the sun is shining, trust me the visor thing in the car does not work, and for A LOT of other reasons too) a good pair of sunglasses that will last me a long while(trust me, I take amazing care of my stuff my ipod still looks new and I got it 5 years ago) and that are really fashionable and my style and cute and with this I can choose my PERFECT pair of sunglasses that are all of the above and MORE they are my dream pair of sunglasses, they are PERFECTION:)!!! My e-mail is mslamani(at)hotmail(dot)com THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS:)!!!!!!!! And thank you so much for introducing me to DITTO I LOVE it<3!!! THANKS AGAIN:)!!!!

    E-mail: mslamani(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @emmybear411
    Facebook: Emmy Sla
    GFC: emmybear411

    I hope you enjoyed that:)

  11. I am in LOVER with the Ray-Ban
    RB 3025 Aviator Large Metal<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOO VERY MUCH:D!!!!!

  12. Yahoo! Thank you for putting on this great contest! I can't wait to show off my new shades, hopefully when I am in SF in a few weeks! Can't wait to enter some more contests!

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