Friday, March 29, 2013

Wallis Wishes.

blazer Wallis // top Tinley Road // shorts J.Crew // sandals Target, similar // sunglasses Free People

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but it has been SO WARM here. My leggies are finally meeting the light of day again. Last weekend, my best friend Tina was visiting. It was so fun showing her all of our favorite places and I was pretty thrilled that the weather cooperated. 

On this day, we took a ferry to Sausalito and I could hardly wait to bust out the boyfriend shorts. Of course, living in San Francisco... I may never enjoy blistering heat again. That is why my collection of jackets + blazers is basically exploding out of my closet. I loved the feedback on how I styled this Wallis Blazer before, SO... it's basically the same outfit again. 

I love Wallis because it is so affordable, which is why I need to ask a little favor. I want to be the first US Wallis Ambassador, and need your votes to help!  Simply visit this link, and LIKE Wallis on Facebook. You can vote for me once per day. I'm behind like 200+ votes, so all the help I can get would be super appreciated. ;) 

WHY do I want to be their ambassador? Because I'm a totally normal girl who can't afford to spend one million dollars on my wardrobe. Wallis gives me affordable options to make my wardrobe gorgeous, and I really like being able to share those pieces with you- my readers. SO, without being TOO BOSSY... pretty please head over to Facebook and VOTE for me! And if you feel so inclined, have some of your friends & family do it as well. 

Happy Friday... and thank you SO MUCH in advance! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Thoughts

[image via]

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stripes & Spark

top KAIN Label, similar // denim AG // shoes Superga // sunglasses Free People // necklace c/o Sweet & Spark 

I love nothing more than when simple, classic pieces come together to make the perfect outfit. This sweater [scored on super clearance via Piperlime] has quickly become my favorite got-to-go item. You know, "I really have GOT TO GO but I have nothing to wear!!" It seems to work for every occasion. Truth be told, it looks much better with my suede burgundy flats, but on this occasion we were headed to a bar and Tim scolded me for even THINKING of wearing suede shoes to a bar. Sneakers it was. 

My necklace is from Sweet & Spark, this AMAZING new jewelry company you need to know about. The founder, Jillian, scours flea markets & estate sales coast to coast to find the best vintage jewelry available. She puts it up on her adorable website, and offers free shipping. While I love going yard sale-ing as much as the next girl.. I really have grown fond of this method. I can stay in my pajammers with a cup of coffee and pick out vintage pieces from home. Genius. Girls, you'll be glad I told you about this now because I'm fairly certain Sweet & Spark is the next big thing.  

In other recent news- 2 nights ago... I treated myself to a pint of Ben & Jerry's. And I left it in my purse until dinner time last night. So, there's that. You know in case you were worried things were going TOO WELL over here. SIGH... looking forward to Friday much?!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WWL: So Clutch

In San Francisco, it seems like you can't go anywhere without a huge carryall. [remember this post??] I feel like I'm lugging my life everywhere I go; like I've turned into some sort of crazy bag lady with 2 books and a baggie of carrots in my purse. To remedy that, I've recently started adding more clutches into my routine. At night time- all I need is my phone, credit card & ID, and some lip gloss- so I'm bagging the huge totes and reaching for a clutch instead. I've found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest [above], and rounded up the top 6 on my wish list:
I love when a bag has a lot of textures- it makes it so much more interesting and memorable. Plus, with print-mixing still making huge waves this season, you don't have to worry about a clutch clashing with your outfit. If anything, it will totally enhance it. Which one is your favorite??

Happy Shopping:

[image credits clockwise: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7]

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


top Cotton On // denim AG // sandals Target [old, similar] // sunnies Free People // necklace Forever21 [old, similar] // nail polish Urban Outfitters "Hot Tub" 

If you've seen my apartment, it is no secret that I'm a huge fan of color. I love decorating my home with  bright, vibrant hues to create a light and airy space. But when it comes to my closet, more and more I find myself reaching for all black everything. It is so classic and refined, but also the easiest option.

Over the past few weeks, we've been working away on the new issue of Rue Magazine- which just so happens to be our first ever COLOR ISSUE! Needless to say, color has been on my mind in a major way, and all black everything was no longer an option. This weekend, I went for a bright cobalt blue [which IS my favorite color to wear] and knew it'd be  perfect to debut on issue release day.

Wearing color can be tricky, and it is important to know which colors flatter you best. Colors like dark yellows and purples really wash me out and make me look ill. Bright, cobalt blue works well with my hair and my eyes... yet you'll obviously have to take my word for it, as I refused to take my sunglasses off for these photos. But I PROMISE, wearing this color makes my eyes look super blue and awesome. Maybe awesome is an overstatement, but definitely super blue. Tell me- what are your favorite [and least favorite!!] colors to wear?

ANYWAYS... Today is the day! A NEW RUE has hit digital newsstands. You should probably check it out RIGHT AWAY!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

What a Weekend.

Happy Monday! Turns out, I didn't spend the entire weekend asleep.. phew. Here's what I was up to instead:

Started the weekend early with some of my fav SF bloggers- Kim, Sarah, Melissa, Adelle, and Lindsay
[photo credit Ryan Chua]

Fell in love with this new a-thread bracelet. I decided I'm over clanky bracelets, so this is a nice replacement. :)

I went all matchy-matchy at brunch. Full outfit post coming tomorrow! On a side note, I think we can all agree that mimosa has WAY TOO MUCH PULP. 

My handsome fella sporting his new Silvano wayfarers. Insert cat-call here! 

I'm a bit of a flower fanatic, and loving how the bright hue of this orchid pops against the dark grey wall. 
[art behind is by Tim]

AND... tomorrow!! Rue's first annual Color Issue hits digital newsstands bright and early. Be excited!

Hope your Monday was great and productive and wonderful and a plethora of positive adjectives. My laptop has literally never run so slow in its life, so I'm going to go throw it out the window now. 

Or at least close it until tomorrow. See you then!!

Friday, March 15, 2013


You guys. I don't know what it was, but this week totally did me in. I'm SO exhausted and brain dead and done. Done-zo-tron. After my morning meetings, I am getting back into my pajamas and likely staying in them until Monday. 

While that isn't entirely true, I do hope my weekend includes a Holly Golightly-esque sleep mask and some snuggle time with the cats. And what I really mean is that I want to sleep until 1pm on Saturday. Just joking, that's absurd. I meant to say I want to sleep until FOUR pm. 

Of course, I wouldn't lead you into the weekend without some sort of entertainment... 
so here are my Five Favorite Pins of the Week

I have a feeling that this is going to be my go-to outfit for summer. 

The next apartment or house we live in will have a bedroom just like this one

I need to find a way to make a vacation happen here

As a self-diagnosed pretzel addict, I can't wait to test out this recipe

 ... and this quote reminded me the power and beauty of hard work. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you on Monday! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jay Jeffers & the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe

Remember a few weeks ago when I was in Lake Tahoe for Rue? I am so glad to finally share the story I was working on! The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe recently put 23 luxury penthouses on the market; two of which were designed by Jay Jeffers. Not only was I able to experience all of the luxuries that the Ritz has to offer [which was heaven], but also tour the Jay Jeffers penthouses. They were beyond incredible. Here are a few photos: 

Jay really redefined the definition of "mountain lodge." With mixed textures, unexpected wallpapers, and maybe the most amazing light fixtures I've ever seen... I would literally move in in a heartbeat. 

To read the full story, visit Rue Daily here

[all images by Matthew Millman for The Ritz-Carlton]

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WWL: DanniJo.

First off, I need to thank Miss Sarah of Sarah's Ambitions for featuring little old me as a #Getitgirl. I am so humbled to have been chosen, and love how the story turned out! To read my interview and learn how I became a #Getitgirl, visit her adorable blog here

With ambitious girls on the brain, I turn my Wednesday Wish List to the brilliant sisters behind DanniJo. I am totally in awe of their creativity, and obsessed with their style. The duo behind the brand, Danielle and Jodie Snyder, grew up in Jacksonville, FL. Their passion for jewelry began at a young age and quickly exploded into a worldwide sensation. UM, Beyonce is a customer. Enough said. 

Now the girls reside in New York City [and hang with the likes of Leandra, swoon]. I have loved watching their line grow each season, and am basically DYING to add one of the pieces below to my collection: 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

You may be thinking "Kelli, I thought you wore plain grey t-shirts every day??" You know what, YEP- I do. But you add a DanniJo piece to a grey t-shirt and suddenly you may as well be Beyonce. Sure, these necklaces are above and beyond what my meager budget can handle... but isn't that what a WISH list is for?! 

Tell me- which one of these sea-green statement makers is your favorite??

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Style Copycat.

FACT: I'm obsessed with blogs. I have an obscene amount stored away in my Google Reader and do my best to stay caught up on them. And we're not just talking fashion here- I follow food blogs, DIY blogs, and perhaps my favorite... interior design blogs. Of course, Apartment Therapy is at the top of that list. The other day, I came across a gorgeous Calgary home tour- but what really drew me in was designer Lori Andrews' outfit. See below: 

HELLO, style icon! I immediately bookmarked the post to come back to later, and knew I had to share it with you guys. I love that her look is super fashion-forward, but also gives the impression that she pulled it together with such ease. Enter my number one style goal- be super stylish, but not like I'm trying too hard. Trying too hard is literally the worst look ever. 

Her pants are by BCBGeneration, but no longer available (from what I can tell). Luckily, I was able to find a creative solution to integrate this outfit directly into my closet: 

sweater // pants // glasses // shoes // gloss 

I love when I stumble upon my new favorite outfit in an unexpected forum. Aside from Pinterest, where do you go to for style inspiration?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Home Is Where The...

{print by Western Editions}

Sometimes, I feel guilty for being a bad blogger. Like last week, I had a lot going on and the blog was the first to suffer. Actually, I'm fairly certain my diet was the first to suffer... hello, pizza-nachos-champagne, but the blog was a close second. And while that guilt reigns supreme... I can't bring myself to write yet another post that says "sorry I went MIA." 

While I set a goal for myself to post every weekday, it doesn't always happen. I know many of you are bloggers too- so you surely understand. It can be hard when real life kicks in, but then I remind myself: The whole reason I ever started this blog was because it is what I LOVE to do. Not because I have to, but because I LOVE to. I love sharing ideas and stories, communicating with readers, making new friends, posing like a goof in outfit posts... the list goes on. The blogging world was created by a group of people with a passion to share what they love. The second it becomes work, a bit of that love dies and it turns into an obligation, not a passion. 

I never want this space to feel like an obligation, I want it to remain my passion. So... while I am sorry for MIAing it once again, I'm also proud for not posting junk that I wasn't passionate about. You're allowed to take a break, zone out [for some people, maybe that means watching an entire season of Pretty Little Liars... oops], and recharge. It will inspire your work to be better, it will refresh your creativity, and it will motivate you to come back stronger than ever. 

I don't think this is a saying, but keep your obligations close, and your passions even closer.  Let's make that our Monday mantra! Wishing you a great start to the week. 

xo, Kelli

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WWL: shop ten 25

Our apartment has gone through a total transformation in the past few months. At first, we weren't entirely sure how we were going to decorate- Tim had been living in a bachelor pad and I was 100% girly. Luckily, we've found a way to blend our styles seamlessly together.... and in a way, we have grown into one, cohesive style. Now that we've got all the big pieces and parts in place, we're just enjoying finding the finishing touches. When I found the store shop|ten|25, I about died. It is full of exactly what we've been searching for! 

The founder, Abbe, is a seriously talented designer with incredible taste. The online boutique is full of gorgeous pieces that add eclectic comfort to any room. From natural wood-carved items [like the deer head or candle holders], or bright bold pillows... you can mix and match the perfect room. For example- natural horns paired with bright turquoise foo dogs is a surprisingly good pair- the moment I laid eyes on them, I immediately scanned the apartment looking for the perfect spot to put them. For the record- our white built in was decidedly the ideal spot. While I love that our living room has taxidermy- I am pretty fond of faux options. The aluminum skull is the perfect remedy if furry critters as decor makes your skin crawl. 

All in all, Abbe has created the prettiest little online space full of perfect finishing touches. I am not exaggerating when I say I literally want everything she sells. For everyone who has said they want me & Tim to come decorate their home-- just go to shop|ten|25. It's basically the same thing. Which piece is your favorite??

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Like WHOA.

This past weekend was a bit of a wild one here in San Francisco. As part of a huge surprise, four of Tim's best friends flew in from Seattle for his 30th Birthday Bash. I had the best time [because they're my friends, too!!] and the party was a smashing success. Many of Tim's friends are talented artists- so our art collection certainly grew this weekend in the form of birthday gifts. One of my favorites was from his friend [who also happens to be named Tim]. Such a genuine, thoughtful gift... and I love my outfit in it. I know it was technically a gift for Tim... but it just looks too cute on my desk. ;)

Don't forget- tomorrow morning I announce the winner of the DITTO giveaway. Get your last minute entry in tonight!! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ho Hey.

sweater H&M // denim BDG // shoes Sam Edelman // sunnies Nordstrom // hilarious cat iPhone cover H&M

The title of this post has literally nothing to do with the outfit itself except that I'm still loving the Lumineers. I know at this point, I should be sick of that song... but I'm not. I'm listening to the song now. Same with stripes. I've worn so many stripes, particularly of the black & white variety, that I should be sick of stripes. Somehow, the obsession is still running strong. 

In other news, I'm super pumped it's finally Friday. I am beyond excited for the weekend ahead [we're having a little party for Tim's 30th], and can't wait to share my adventures with you on Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of partying/relaxation- whatever you're in need of.

PS. Use the extra time this weekend to enter the DITTO contest!!