Friday, May 17, 2013

Where in the World is Lindy?

For those of you who read this blog before I moved to San Francisco, you may remember my BFF Lindy. For those who are new- she wrote compelling posts such as "Tips from a Professional Wedding Guest," and really shined in a number of outfit posts [like this, this, and this]. Many of you may have frantically been wondering where she went and if we were still BFFs [we are]. She was visiting a few weeks ago, and was obviously subjected to an outfit post... in which, as usual, she really shined. She also wanted to say hello, so without further adieu... here's Lindy:

sweater J.Crew // shorts J.Crew // shoes Frye // bag Marc Jacobs // sunnies RayBan
For the few of you who may have been wondering what the heck happened to me when Kelli up and left me for San Francisco, here is a brief update about what I've been up to these past 10 months:  Instead of staying in Idaho, and crying over my baked potato, I took the opportunity to follow my own heart to Seattle. It has been a smooth transition with the exception of one area- getting dressed every morning! Never did I realize how easy I had it in Boise!  I now spend a hefty amount of time commuting on public transportation and walking meaning my fashion choices actually have to serve a function as well looking good.  As most of you know, Seattle is a rather wet and cold city- therefore most days I head out the door looking more prepared for an episode of Deadliest Catch than anything.  However it's worth it to arrive to work warm and dry.  
The other difficult adjustment has been not having Kelli to meet me in the kitchen every morning with her exclaiming “oh great outfit!” I now live with two boys and therefore instead of waking up to compliments, I find myself explaining that the pattern of my dress is actually referred to as hound’s-tooth over morning my coffee. 

Luckily, San Francisco is only a short plane ride away giving Kelli and me the chance to still have brunch filled weekends on occasion!  I was lucky to be in town a couple of weekends ago for a friend’s wedding and the weather could not have been more perfect! We spent the day doing two of our favorite past times... eating and laying in the park.  It was a great time that I hope to repeat again soon!


  1. Look at you both moving for love! What a trendy gal you are Lindy. Loving the outfit! Where is that adorable necklace from?

  2. I was totally one of the few wondering what Lindy was up to (Who cooks breakfast now, Kelli??). But most importantly: Welcome to Seattle!! Happy to have you in the emerald city. On a bright (pun intended) note, PNW Washington is allegedly going to have a warm, DRY summer, so hopefully the transition will be even easier.


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