Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye, Google Reader!!

Much like peony season, Google Reader is going away for good on July 1. This is a huge disaster as far as I'm concerned, because I've utilized Google Reader for years and also I'm not super fond of change. 

What does this mean for you + my blog?? If you've been following through Google Reader or Google Friend Connect, you will no longer receive updates.  NOTE: If you follow through another RSS service, subscribe by email, or use Bloglovin- you don't have to do anything to save your subscription! 

If you have been relying on Reader [like I have], don't fret- there are other options available to you. I recently wrote a piece over at Rue Daily that breaks down the next best options. You can view it here, and don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I've used Flipboard but in conjunction with Google Reader... so I think I'll be backing up my data to Feedly instead. Also, it seems like everyone is really loving Bloglovin, so that's a viable option as well. 

While we may miss our dear peonies for the next year or so, we don't have to miss our favorite blogs. Be sure to back up, resubscribe, you know- do what you have to do this weekend! Otherwise, July 1 will be a pretty huge tragedy. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Piperlime Lime Tag Sale!

It's my favorite time of year, the Piperlime Lime Tag Sale!! I love-love-love the Lime Tag Sale because Piperlime is my go-to for new clothing. Does anyone ever ask you "where you shop?" I always have a hard time answering, because sometimes it is "a boutique I walked past" or "the Gap had a sale sign" or "I don't know." My style is all over the place so I never really have a solid answer... except for Piperlime. They have a massive selection, free shipping + returns, and great customer service. And when they have a sale... they do it right. Not only are items up to 60% off (!!!) but with the code LIME, you get an additional 25% off of that. So basically everything is free I guess??

I like to use this time in life to stock up on "frivolous" purchases that I normally would talk myself out of- accessories, shoes, sparkly things. Here are my Top 3 Picks... and let me tell you, I am pretty devastated the shoes aren't in my size anymore. If you like to make purchases that are better-thought-out than a necklace- I've got great news. My favorite blouse EVER [as seen here] is on sale too

Happy Shopping!! 

Keep it Simple.

blouse bySmith c/o // denim BDG // flats Gap [old, similar here] // tote Cuyana c/o // necklace J.Crew [found on clearance in store]

You may be thinking "this is exactly what you wore in your last outfit post with only a different shirt." And that is correct. BUT, you're a little bit wrong because I also have a necklace on as well. See the variation?? Not similar at all. A lot of girls are never seen wearing the same thing twice... and that makes me feel pretty jealous because I often wear the same thing 900 times in a row. However, as much as I'd like a "wear-once" wardrobe, that doesn't fit into my schedule OR my closet, so instead... I find a combo I like, make small changes here and there, and rock it until I'm sick of it. Case in point? These jeans + these shoes. 

The blouse is from bySmith New York, a gorgeous brand that I'm developing a pretty solid obsession with. The blouse is lined [which I LOVE] so I don't feel the need to wear an undershirt with it. And the bag, be still my heart... the bag. It's from Cuyana and has my initials on it and yes, my initials are KAR. Cuyana is a pretty amazing company doing pretty wonderful things, and I highly suggest you make yourself familiar with them ASAP. I like people and companies that set out to do things differently... so I really, really like Cuyana. 

If there are any brands you know & love that should be on my radar- leave a comment!! And as always, thank you for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WWL: Mara Hoffman

I've long been admiring the genius that is Mara Hoffman. Admiring, obsessing.. same thing in my world. Her use of unique patterns, bright colors, and flattering cuts creates this magical trifecta of style greatness. Not only can her pieces be dressed up OR down with accessories- they also stand alone for a look that is unlike anything else out there. Bohemian with the tiniest hint of glamour and a heavy dose of fun. 

However, I'm a little bit thrifty and some of her stuff is definitely out of my price range. Luckily, it looks like Shopbop is offering an additional 25% off for a few days- which is really thoughtful of them. Hmm... maybe it's time for a Mara swimsuit too??

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All Blue, All Denim

top Target // denim BDG // slippers Gap [old, but similar here]

Sometimes, you just feel blue. Right down to your nail polish. I actually was originally wearing sandals with this, but spotted these slippers in the clearance bin at Gap and my outfit went from Double Denim to this. Sidenote- sorry I'm creepy and my face is cut off. I wasn't feeling the photo but WAS feeling the outfit, so here we are.

Also, remember a few months ago when I asked/begged for denim shirt suggestions? My quest was super unsuccessful until just recently. I went to Target for some paper towels and windex and obviously found myself in the clothing section. I stumbled upon this shirt and it changed my entire life, except really. It is impossibly soft and looks really high quality. I am so excited about it!! 

Thanks for stopping by, and I apologize for getting that [really good] song stuck in your head. See you tomorrow!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday Sweater

sunnies Free People // tee & necklace Forever21 [old] // sweater c/o Suss // jeans Current/Elliott // shoes c/o Wallis

I really, REALLY love the weekends. Yes, I do work from home so one might argue I have no concept of a "weekend," however- I beg to differ. Weekends are my two days off, my chance to explore the city with friends, and most importantly- my time with Tim! On Saturdays, we really love getting coffee and going out to breakfast. Maybe that is just what I love, but Tim is a good sport and always accompanies me in my quest for San Francisco's best french toast. 

My favorite coffee shop is La Boulange. I know that around here, you're supposed to say Four Barrel or Blue Bottle or whatever... but if I'm paying $4+ dollars for a heated beverage, I want it to be fulfilling. La Boulange has a sweet chai tea that is just heavenly. I'm 96% certain there is no caffeine in it, but that's ok. On this day- we walked a few blocks to Zazie in Cole Valley. Zazie gets a lot of hype, but in my opinion isn't THAT amazing. If you can get a table on the back patio- WAIT. Wait all day until they seat you there because it will be wonderful. But if you're super hungry and just sit inside- maybe choose somewhere else because the hour wait isn't really worth the food.

On weekends, I always fall victim to the "just be comfy" mentality. Actually, I fall victim to that almost daily... Luckily, this new sweater is a good middle ground. The knit is thick, so it's warm but not too hot- ideal for these foggy SF summers! AND the best part is, I don't look like I'm wearing pajamas, but I feel like I do. This has quickly become my uniform. What is your go-to outfit for lazy weekend mornings?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This or That: Grey Sweatshirt Dress by Madewell

I am all about basic items that are super multi-functional. This sweatshirt dress from Madewell fits that requirement perfectly... in fact, I think the options are endless with this beauty. Cardigans, blazers, button ups, belts, brooches, scarves... the list goes on and on. You could disguise this dress so many ways that you might end up "accidentally" wearing it everyday. We all know I like to repeat items for weeks at a time, but when they're this good- can you blame me??

I put together two summer looks using the dress- THIS one for day, THAT one for night. Similar, yet oh-so-different. Tell me- which look am I most likely to spot you in??

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Candy: Street Style Awards

sunnies Free People // dress & belt {separates} Anthropologie // sneakers Superga // bag Gap // chambray Bella Dahl

So, this is the most exciting news of all time. I was featured on Daily Candy as part of their Street Style Awards!! It was such an honor to be included, and truth be told- I can hardly believe who I'm featured with. Talk about style icons!

Okay, okay. Secret's out- I'm not a huge fan of this particular outfit. It was SO hot in SF that day, so getting ready was a little bit harder than usual. I ended up throwing this on since I knew we'd be hanging out in the park afterwards. I feel super intimidated next to the super-stylish lineup on Daily Candy... and may have finally learned my lesson that sometimes fashion does have to be uncomfortable. Ugh. Next time, right??

At the end of the day, this outfit IS actually totally me and the perfect look for Saturday in San Francisco. I'd love to hear what YOU think!!

Also, when you have a moment, head over to Daily Candy! You can see all the looks and choose your favorite city. Obviously, it will be SF. Right??

[photos by Aubrie Pick for Daily Candy]

Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh, hello there!

Insert awkward whistling as I stroll back into the room...Oops!

I seem to have taken a little longer of a break than I anticipated. I have expressed it once or twice over the past few months, but I just haven't been feeling the L&L inspiration as of late. To be perfectly transparent, a big part of that includes my work at Rue. If you're not following along over there, you should! My energy has been focused on my dream job- producing original content for a publication other than L&L. Each week, I create new posts centered around fashion, beauty, food, tech, and design. I LOVE it through and through. 

Of course, with all that love comes a small compromise. My energy has been in the basement lately. SO exhausted and tired and worn out... yes, I am being a crybaby about it. Having gotten those complaints out in the open- I can confess, I swept L&L under the rug and looked the other way. Many days, I weigh the options between a new blog post or sitting quietly with a cup of coffee and treating myself to a little break. As you can tell from the photo, coffee and quiet almost always wins. 

That all changes today, however!! Lucky (or unlucky?) for you... I've decided I have things to say again and am looking forward to getting back on track around here. Have I said that before? Absolutely. But today... today I mean it! I have fun posts scheduled and am enjoying the process again.  If any of you readers still exist, and I really hope you do... I hope you're ready for this new surge of blogging. We can call it Leopard and Lavender.2

See you tomorrow. :)