Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All Blue, All Denim

top Target // denim BDG // slippers Gap [old, but similar here]

Sometimes, you just feel blue. Right down to your nail polish. I actually was originally wearing sandals with this, but spotted these slippers in the clearance bin at Gap and my outfit went from Double Denim to this. Sidenote- sorry I'm creepy and my face is cut off. I wasn't feeling the photo but WAS feeling the outfit, so here we are.

Also, remember a few months ago when I asked/begged for denim shirt suggestions? My quest was super unsuccessful until just recently. I went to Target for some paper towels and windex and obviously found myself in the clothing section. I stumbled upon this shirt and it changed my entire life, except really. It is impossibly soft and looks really high quality. I am so excited about it!! 

Thanks for stopping by, and I apologize for getting that [really good] song stuck in your head. See you tomorrow!!


  1. Great shoes! Great photo even if it is a little creepy;) lol

  2. I love your denim-on-denim look! Super cute.
    xo Josie


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