Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye, Google Reader!!

Much like peony season, Google Reader is going away for good on July 1. This is a huge disaster as far as I'm concerned, because I've utilized Google Reader for years and also I'm not super fond of change. 

What does this mean for you + my blog?? If you've been following through Google Reader or Google Friend Connect, you will no longer receive updates.  NOTE: If you follow through another RSS service, subscribe by email, or use Bloglovin- you don't have to do anything to save your subscription! 

If you have been relying on Reader [like I have], don't fret- there are other options available to you. I recently wrote a piece over at Rue Daily that breaks down the next best options. You can view it here, and don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I've used Flipboard but in conjunction with Google Reader... so I think I'll be backing up my data to Feedly instead. Also, it seems like everyone is really loving Bloglovin, so that's a viable option as well. 

While we may miss our dear peonies for the next year or so, we don't have to miss our favorite blogs. Be sure to back up, resubscribe, you know- do what you have to do this weekend! Otherwise, July 1 will be a pretty huge tragedy. 

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