Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keep it Simple.

blouse bySmith c/o // denim BDG // flats Gap [old, similar here] // tote Cuyana c/o // necklace J.Crew [found on clearance in store]

You may be thinking "this is exactly what you wore in your last outfit post with only a different shirt." And that is correct. BUT, you're a little bit wrong because I also have a necklace on as well. See the variation?? Not similar at all. A lot of girls are never seen wearing the same thing twice... and that makes me feel pretty jealous because I often wear the same thing 900 times in a row. However, as much as I'd like a "wear-once" wardrobe, that doesn't fit into my schedule OR my closet, so instead... I find a combo I like, make small changes here and there, and rock it until I'm sick of it. Case in point? These jeans + these shoes. 

The blouse is from bySmith New York, a gorgeous brand that I'm developing a pretty solid obsession with. The blouse is lined [which I LOVE] so I don't feel the need to wear an undershirt with it. And the bag, be still my heart... the bag. It's from Cuyana and has my initials on it and yes, my initials are KAR. Cuyana is a pretty amazing company doing pretty wonderful things, and I highly suggest you make yourself familiar with them ASAP. I like people and companies that set out to do things differently... so I really, really like Cuyana. 

If there are any brands you know & love that should be on my radar- leave a comment!! And as always, thank you for stopping by! :)


  1. Haha - Love the variation :) No, but really I do like this outfit and that bad is Gorgeous. Can't wait to check the company out!


  2. Hi there,

    I LOVE this bag and am considering ordering - how has it help up in terms of wear and tear for you?


    1. Hi Erin!! It is SO high quality. I've been really impressed because I carry it almost every day and sometimes even have my laptop or heavy camera in there- still looks and feels brand new!


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