Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh, hello there!

Insert awkward whistling as I stroll back into the room...Oops!

I seem to have taken a little longer of a break than I anticipated. I have expressed it once or twice over the past few months, but I just haven't been feeling the L&L inspiration as of late. To be perfectly transparent, a big part of that includes my work at Rue. If you're not following along over there, you should! My energy has been focused on my dream job- producing original content for a publication other than L&L. Each week, I create new posts centered around fashion, beauty, food, tech, and design. I LOVE it through and through. 

Of course, with all that love comes a small compromise. My energy has been in the basement lately. SO exhausted and tired and worn out... yes, I am being a crybaby about it. Having gotten those complaints out in the open- I can confess, I swept L&L under the rug and looked the other way. Many days, I weigh the options between a new blog post or sitting quietly with a cup of coffee and treating myself to a little break. As you can tell from the photo, coffee and quiet almost always wins. 

That all changes today, however!! Lucky (or unlucky?) for you... I've decided I have things to say again and am looking forward to getting back on track around here. Have I said that before? Absolutely. But today... today I mean it! I have fun posts scheduled and am enjoying the process again.  If any of you readers still exist, and I really hope you do... I hope you're ready for this new surge of blogging. We can call it Leopard and Lavender.2

See you tomorrow. :)


  1. Yes! Your tweets are magical, so I can only imagine how badass Leopard and Lavender 2 will be. See ya tomorrow.

  2. You have been missed, but love that you are getting to work at your dream job! I'm hoping to find that soon!!

  3. Your bother made a similar post on his equally neglected blog today to... I blame genetics. Ahem...


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