Thursday, June 27, 2013

Piperlime Lime Tag Sale!

It's my favorite time of year, the Piperlime Lime Tag Sale!! I love-love-love the Lime Tag Sale because Piperlime is my go-to for new clothing. Does anyone ever ask you "where you shop?" I always have a hard time answering, because sometimes it is "a boutique I walked past" or "the Gap had a sale sign" or "I don't know." My style is all over the place so I never really have a solid answer... except for Piperlime. They have a massive selection, free shipping + returns, and great customer service. And when they have a sale... they do it right. Not only are items up to 60% off (!!!) but with the code LIME, you get an additional 25% off of that. So basically everything is free I guess??

I like to use this time in life to stock up on "frivolous" purchases that I normally would talk myself out of- accessories, shoes, sparkly things. Here are my Top 3 Picks... and let me tell you, I am pretty devastated the shoes aren't in my size anymore. If you like to make purchases that are better-thought-out than a necklace- I've got great news. My favorite blouse EVER [as seen here] is on sale too

Happy Shopping!! 

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