Tuesday, July 30, 2013


top Free People // jeans Citizens // heels Zara // necklace Anna Bee c/o 

This Free People top is my new favorite item of clothing that I've ever owned. It was a gift from Tim's mom [Hi, Cathy!! Thank you!!] for my birthday... and I maybe have worn it like 100 times in the last week. It is SO comfortable but tricks people into thinking you're all dressed up... a method I use quite frequently when putting together outfits. 

We found this beautiful corner full of vibrant blooms as we were walking to a friend's house for dinner. I knew we'd have to come back later and take pictures. LITTLE DID I KNOW... it's quite a commuter corner. There were TONS of cars, folks on bikes, pedestrians, buses, rollerbladers, dogs out for a walk, joggers, tour groups, and more. I just really wanted the flowers as a backdrop so I had to act like this was a normal thing... to be standing on a corner doing sassy poses while my boyfriend took my picture. I mean, that's totally a normal thing to do right? Ahh, the life of a blogger. 

Also- I saw a few questions on IG inquiring about my new blonde 'do! This is as blonde as we went. I really wasn't into the idea of having to cut quite a bit of length to go lighter all at once. I've been growing my hair forever- I can't give up now!! This is the perfect in-between hue, and just light enough that I will be comfortable going to a new salon in SF and trusting them with my locks and a tub of bleach. 

As always- thank you SO much for stopping by! Be sure to check in tomorrow- I've got an exciting post featuring an amazing artist that I adore! 


  1. your hair looks awesome - the color is great but subtle, which is always a good thing in my book. Great outfit too!!

  2. Your new hair looks so pretty–it's the perfect subtle ombre. And I love these pictures!

    1. Thanks Alyssa! My stylist works wonders. :)

  3. Oh I love that jacket - it adds the perfect touch to the outfit!


  4. I'm obsessed with your top...and hair! And where are you? Heaven? Those flowers behind you are so so gorge! What a great backdrop. xoxo

  5. oh don't you worry. i bet people go there and do that all the time! you're definitely not the first. but you look great!! :)

  6. You look like Jessica Alba in that second pic! Gorgeous!

  7. Obsessed with that top, and your hair, and the setting. So, you basically knocked it out the park ;) You look fab! xox.


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