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Heather Day

I am so excited for today's post, and to introduce you to an amazing Bay Area creative. Heather Day is an extremely talented artist with a super inspiring concept. I met Heather a few weeks ago and am not only in awe of her work- but I think she's a pretty rad girl to boot. I am excited to share some of her work with you, but first wanted to give a proper introduction to the girl behind the art. Since we all know I could ramble on all day- I thought it'd be best if she told you herself:
Tell me a little bit about your background:
I am an abstract painter and creative professional currently living in the Bay Area. Aside from painting, I also have a new online shop called Home in the Studio where I will be selling textiles, home decor and drawings inspired by my paintings. 

I ventured out to San Francisco from Baltimore, Maryland almost 5 months ago. My boyfriend, Isaac and I moved here with our two-50 pound dogs and a car full of our belongings in hopes for a new, exciting adventure far from our comfort zone. So far, its been totally worth it. California is everything I hoped it would be and more.

I'm a pretty big fan of California myself!! So, when did you know you wanted to be an artist? 
It's hard to pick one defining moment where I chose to become an artist. Attending an arts high school was a great first step in opening my eyes to the possibility of supporting my self solely from my artwork. Pursuing a degree from a college for the arts in Baltimore helped make these interests into a reality. Surrounding myself with other inspiring artists and friends was the motivation I needed to make it happen. 

 How has your work changed and progressed over the years? What is your primary focus now?
My work has really evolved over the years ranging from sculpture to drawing and everything in between. My current work involves a process of layering paint, fibers and various marks. The paintings are about revealing a history of decay and repair through the cycle of personal relationships. My primary focus is to continue experimenting with different colors and mediums. Eventually, I would like to bring this new body of work to the West Coast galleries. The culture out here is so exciting and I am looking forward to integrating my work with the Bay Area art scene.

 Your concept is so refreshing! Where do you gain inspiration?
I draw inspiration from a variety of sources including both historically significant artists and contemporary trends. Two of my favorite painters are Willem De Kooning and Joan Mitchell for their bold and gutsy mark making. I also draw inspiration from traveling through a variety of environments. Since moving to the Bay Area, I have noticed a shift in the color palette of my paintings to include brighter hues such as pinks and pops of yellow. I think this is in part, stems from trends in fashion, architecture, and the general atmosphere around San Francisco. 

Is your painting aesthetic reflected in your personal style (home and/or fashion)?
Undoubtedly, yes! My outfits usually reflect the colors in my work, usually consisting of greys and deep blues with a pop of color. My apartment is very similar however my boyfriend has encouraged us to add a bit more color to our design palette recently!

What is your biggest goal as a creator? 
I will always be pursuing new opportunities to show in galleries, but my current focus is branching out into new markets. The prospect of working across industries and collaborating through textile and design is a really exciting avenue for creativity.

Heather is maybe is the coolest girl ever, am I right?? As someone who can't paint or draw to save my life- I love learning about her creative process and watching her concepts come to life on her tumblr. I knew I had to find a way to pair her work with this blog- so over the next three weeks, I'll be featuring original Heather Day pieces in a fun series. The goal? Pick three pieces of art and show how I'd design a room around each of them. Here's Room #1:

This piece, aptly titled "Washing Machine," is one of my favorites. The high contrast and unique textures are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm a huge fan of the subtle use of bright colors. I knew this duo would be a stunning focal point in a dining room. Immediately, I wanted to pair natural elements with the dramatic textures on the painting- so a reclaimed wood table was a no brainer. The dark palette is accentuated by the zebra hide rug and pendant chandelier, and a few colorful vases compliment the bursts of color. Since my personal aesthetic is usually very light and airy- I added lucite chairs to brighten things up. Lucite can be a controversial design element [especially in my home...], but it's a great way to open up the space. Personally, I'm ready to move right in- but can't wait to hear what you think!! How would you decorate using Heather's work?

Be sure to tune in next week to see Room #2 alongside a pretty fantastic announcement.

For more information on Heather Day, click here

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  1. I love Heather Day's paintings and I am thrilled to read your story about her. I also appreciate learning about her creative process. Great article I look forward to seeing additional work by Heather Day!


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