Monday, July 1, 2013

My SUPER Low-Maintenance Hair Routine

I've always been pretty good at finding quick, easy ways to do my hair. A lot of that has to do with working at a hair salon in college- a job which required I have awesome hair in front of customers, but a time in life where I was often oversleeping. Plus- I don't like my hair to ever look "too polished," I'm more of a messy hair girl [this is my dream]. 

Since moving to San Francisco, I've taken "low maintenance" to a whole new [almost gross] level. As in a LOT of air-drying, a LOT of top knots, a LOT of this. However, when Misikko contacted me to do a review on hair dryers, I was all ears. I love doing a little something-something when I'm going to a party or on a date with my dreamboat. They sent me the HANAair Professional Air Dryer, and no joke... I LOVE IT. 

This dryer is pretty rad because it is freakishly powerful, like maybe I could blow right out my front door. It has 2 speeds, 3 heat settings, AND the coveted "cold shot button," WHICH you're supposed to use at the end of every dry because it closes up the hair follicle and locks in shine. My hair stylist can confirm that little fact. The Hana Salon dryer also uses Ion Technology and Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology, which sounds like something I made up, but actually helps your hair stay softer and shinier- and truthfully, it works. I've never before had such soft hair after a blowdry unless I'm trotting out of Drybar. 

When I style my hair, I have to consider the wind + fog of San Francisco. This is the ideal product combination for me:

I've used the Smoothing Fluid since my salon days and the Styling Cream is a recent discovery. The combo of the two [mixed together in my hands prior] is absolutely perfect for fighting humidity and avoiding flyaways [aka the bane of my existence]. I just take 1-2 pumps of each and run through the ends of my strands, taking care to avoid the roots. 

When I dry my hair, there is no rhyme or reason to how the back gets dried- but I always use a brush on the pieces around my face. This helps smooth them out, and I can typically sneak an extra day or two before I have to wash and restyle. I'm not a pro at using the brush by any means, but it is a technique that has made a big difference. The concentrator attachment on the front of the dryer helps quite a bit and prevents tangles when I'm using the brush. 

When it comes to curling, I like to just add a little texture- NOT perfect ringlets. Again, I'm a messy-hair fan. I usually grab a few large pieces and curl using this technique

I don't use a ton of hairspray to finish the look- just a few spritzes to hold the style in place for when I step outside and the wind tries to ruin my life. The Sachajaun Medium Hold is pretty good- not at all sticky or smelly, and has great yet flexible hold. This routine takes all of 20 minutes [drying time included, NO joke], and has made my life much easier and a lot prettier. The only change I'd make is a new curling iron, I snagged this one up at Target and it was a dream for about 2 years but is definitely on its final leg. If you have any favorites, be sure to tell me!! 

Check back tomorrow when I post the full look. I figured since this already had 1,000 photos and an accompanying novel, I'd include the final hair look with tomorrow's outfit post so as not to crash the entire internet. 

Thank you to Misikko Beauty & Hana Salon, thank you to Tim for being my wonderful photographer, and thank YOU for reading along. I hope you found this helpful- and if you would like to see more beauty posts or reviews on Leopard and Lavender, PLEASE let me know!  

*hair dryer was provided by Missiko, but all opinions & styling products are my own. 


  1. Loved it... and you of course! I'd love more beauty posts and/or reviews!

    1. Thank you, Tina!! I will start doing more product reviews and tips. :)

  2. Conair curling irons are the best! I've tried many others drugstore versions, but something about the Conairs just work! (Revlon ones don't even keep hold in my hair for more than a few minutes!)

  3. Yeah, i have also heard HANAair professional air dryer. That machine is really good and it works fine than any other dryer. Your hair looking is so pretty. Whatever style you pick by air dryer, it will suit on you and you also look so beautiful. Thank you very much.


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