Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Day with QVC: All Things Leather!

You guys, I have an addiction. Why are leather jackets SO COOL? I snagged a pretty perfect one last fall [remember this?] and have been obsessed ever since. My somewhat unhealthy obsession is only getting worse as the trend is bigger than ever this fall. Leather jackets with jeans, leather jackets with wispy white dresses, leather jackets for a night on the town.... everyone should really just own one. Or seven.

When my good friend Erin of Apartment 34 asked if I wanted to join her in expressing my leather-jacket-love with QVC's Inspired Style, it was a no brainer. Here's a little preview:

The rest of the episode airs tonight on QVC at 10:00PM PST. Spoiler alert- I am not very good at walking, talking, and making eye contact all at once.

The only downside of pairing up with Inspired Style to chat all things leather?? I suddenly have a craving to add even more to my closet...
1. Zara Jacket // 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag // 3. Zara Boots

HUGE thank you to Erin for letting me be her sidekick and to Inspired Style for not laughing TOO HARD when I fell over [true story]. And don't forget- tune in at 10:00PM to see our small-screen debut!


Thank you for reading! xoKelli