Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Frameri

Ever since I was young, I've always wanted to wear glasses. I [luckily] don't have a vision problem, but I really see eyewear as the ultimate accessory. Just ask Jenna Lyons or Iris Apfel- eyewear is iconic. However, one complaint I always hear from my glasses-wearing friends is how annoying they are. If you invest in a statement pair, they don't go with every outfit. Or, you just really want to change your frames based on your mood and you can't. Even worse, you're stuck with only one pair of sunglasses. I personally have 3 pairs of sunglasses in my purse at all times, so this is my nightmare. I know that when my vision goes [and it will], I'll immediately be bored with the frames I choose. Problems of the fashion-obsessed, I suppose.

My good friend from college, Konrad, has always worn glasses and saw all of the above complaints as a real issue. He is setting out to change that... one lens at a time. Meet Frameri:

Unless you're Larry David [if you were, I would DIE], then you'll probably want to get in on this. They've just launched a campaign on indiegogo and have lots of affordable and super stylish options. If you can keep a secret... I just might pick up a pair with clear lenses so that when I work from coffee shops, people think I'm a successful and intelligent writer. Whatever. Just go visit Frameri.

Thanks to the Frameri team for being smart enough to change the world one lens at a time.

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