Monday, October 14, 2013

Cold Front

jacket ASOS // top Target [only $24!!] // flats C-Label [on clearance!!] // jeans Siwy [also on clearance!]

San Francisco is known for its gorgeous, sunny autumns- but that doesn't mean we're exempt from colder weather. This past weekend, there was finally that crisp bite in the air. Now, I'm not complaining. I hail from a state that is known for having "all four beautiful seasons." FYI- it's usually pronounced SEAAASSSSONNNNNSSSSSS... and said while sipping a seasonal drink in a seasonal outfit with a seasonal hair color at a seasonally themed event. This tends to mean it's often way too cold or way too hot.

Now, while SF basically has a super-season [the same old season... all year long], we still get slight variations along with the rest of the country. The past few days have been the first in awhile where I thought "UGH, it is seriously freezing." I'm so glad I ordered this ASOS jacket a few weeks ago, and it's obviously going to come in very handy over the next few months. Only complaint? It's essentially the same exact color as my hair. Guess it's time to [finally] pay a visit to the salon...


  1. I know what you mean about it getting colder - last week I woke up to my windshield frosted over and I knew summer was over... Super cute headband, btw!

  2. love your jacket, nice blog

  3. Love the headband! I'm so happy it is finally crisp over here, can't wait to layer.


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