Friday, October 25, 2013

San Francisco

This blog post is coming from you from an airplane, which is literally the craziest thing in the world. Maybe not the craziest, but definitely up there. [I'm getting really good at travel puns.] The past few days with La-Z-Boy in North Carolina were so wonderful- I hope you followed along on Instagram to get an idea of what I was up to. I'll be sharing all of the details soon, and you'll want to tune in because there's a KILLER contest coming up!

The only bummer? The time change totally destroyed me and I've been so exhausted. On the red-eye there, I was seated next to an abnormal amount of unattended children who treated the airplane like their private jungle gym in the sky. I mean, not ideal sleeping conditions. On this flight, there's a poor baby who is pretty upset and just screaming their little lungs out. Needless to say, I'm feeling a little homesick, slightly fatigued, and a teeny bit anxious to get back to my San Francisco routine.

While I sit and dream about my pretty city, I thought I'd share my admiration through a few gorgeous photos. My friend Kyle is a very talented photographer and is constantly capturing San Francisco in the most amazing way. Here are a few favorites I pulled from his Tumblr, Technicolor Submarine:

I think it takes someone who truly loves the city to be able to photograph it in a way that conveys what the place is really about. Each of these photos tells a story, inspires emotions, and makes me love my home even more. You guys, I know I'm gushing but San Francisco really is the best place on earth.

For more photos of San Francisco [and other cool places like Crater Lake, Belgium, Paris, etc...], visit Kyle's blog here.

[photography: Kyle Kirchoff]


  1. Love! I lived in Berkeley and miss that whole area everyday. Have a good, restful weekend.

  2. I definitely agree that San Francisco is one of the best places on earth. I left my heart in San Francisco...with that said, so glad I discovered your blog!


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