Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Wedges

I'm feeling the seasonal pull that shows up each and EVERY season... the need to update my shoe collection. I've always been a fan of the wedge- but only when it's done right. I'm not about triple stacked wicker sandals, but I LOVE a classic pump and/or suede ankle boot. Don't you?? These neutral beauties would fit right in with all my favorite outfits. Now the important question... which pair do I pick?

PS... there's an ALL NEW RUE on digital newsstands today!! We ventured to Hollywood to see the magnificent home of Nate Berkus, the iconic offices of Kelly Wearstler, and more. It's basically killer. Check it out here


  1. I love these wedges! They're perfect for fall. Great post and it was fun catching up on your posts


  2. I feel like I haven't worn wedges in so long! Love the first pair.

  3. Hey Kelli! I'm kind of obsessed with every shoe you just posted - eek! I'm so glad I found your blog! My friend Annie and I do a Wednesday Wishlist Link-up and we would love to have you! Hope to see you there next week.


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