Monday, October 21, 2013

What a Weekend.

[photography: Bess Friday]

Whoa there, Monday! Where did you come from?? This weekend really flew by, but then again don't they always? Last week, I was suffering from chronic grumpiness and a killer migraine and basically refused to leave the apartment. So on Friday, Tim brought home a thin crust pepperoni pizza from our favorite shop and we watched This is the End. [It was hilarious.] Sometimes, you really need an at-home movie date to chase away the blues.

On Saturday, the weather couldn't have been better and we enjoyed the sunshine from our roof deck. Every time I go up there, I'm inspired to update the furniture [sparkly lights, included!] and throw a little party. Loving the inspiration I found on The Sweet Escape! Unfortunately, we share our roof access with 5 other tenants... and something tells me they're not that into summer-inspired soirees, champagne cocktails, or fifteen of my closest friends laughing until the stars come out.

Instead of going to church on Sunday, I picked up coffee and bagels and we watched the sermon on my iPad in bed. It's a bit unconventional, but it works for us and we still feel like we've started our Sunday off right. If you can't tell I've been a total homebody these days... but my mind and body have been craving it. I keep referring to this quote as a reminder that it's important to slow down and recharge from time to time.

PS. Yes, this photo did serve as a reminder that I still need to post about our apartment tour. Tune in next week... I promise to share all of the details!! 

PPS. I've noticed lately that I'm writing much less in each blog post (except for "OMG isn't that shirt cute??")... but I started this blog because I love to write. SO, I'm going to slowly start sharing more personal details and see how I like it. And also see how you like it. 

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  1. Sometimes you just have to recharge and get re-inspired! I enjoy your writing so I'm excited to see more of it :)

  2. I know what it feels like to just want/need to stay indoors instead of venturing out. I hope the weekend served to re-energize you! =D
    Oh yes, This is the End is hilarious. I suppose being married to a guy who enjoys movies like this means I end up enjoying it too since I would never have thought to see it on my own. =D The joys of compromise!! =D


  3. Eric and I also watched "This is the End" on Friday night and LOL'd a lot.... #parallellives


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