Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Girl!

blazer J.Crew // top Francesca's // jeans AG, similar // shoes Via Spiga, similar 

TODAY is a great day. TODAY is my best friend's birthday!! In honor of her big day, I am posting an old photo of Lindy to prove how classic and cool she really is. This outfit was photographed in March 2012- yet she still looks WAY COOLER than I do currently. Some people just have style, am I right??

I would say the one and only downside to moving to San Francisco is that Lindy and I were separated. We used to be attached at the hip and spent an average of 20 hours a day together. It pretty much stinks that we are a million [823] miles apart.

Linders, I've put together a few birthday itineraries for if we were in the same city:

BOISE: We would have brunch at La Vie en Rose [well, it actually went out of business after we moved... coincidence?] and then we would sit on the couches and watch a Friends marathon with the cats. We'd go to Starbucks and I would scold them if they gave you whipped cream. We'd get a mani-pedi and I would scold them if they were too rough on your cuticles. Of course, we'd have dinner at Fork and we'd get a bottle of wine to share and the staff would still think we were a couple. We'd end the celebration at DLR's and dance and dance and dance... and then we'd tell anyone else we were with that we were going to the bathroom and we'd hop in a cab and go home without saying bye.

SEATTLE: We would probably have dinner at the top of the Space Needle?? I'd say Matador, but it's your birthday... not mine. We would also split a bottle of wine in this scenario.

SAN FRANCISCO: Well... Roxanne would be nice to you ALL DAY, and that would be a treat. We'd drink a bottle of champagne in the park, and then we'd go get happy hour at Nopa and gab away. Also, I would eat my once-yearly sushi dinner in your honor and then we'd pose for photos in front of the Bay Bridge. I understand that is what we did last year, but you know I appreciate traditions.

Anyways, no matter what we'd really have a great time. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

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