Friday, December 13, 2013

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


jacket Goode Rider c/o // glasses Free People // sweater Target // necklace Yellow Owl Workshop

I used to always laugh when friends who lived in warmer climates would complain about "winter." Three winters ago, my car was a snowball and I refused to leave the house for 2 days. I could only dream of spending my Decembers in a balmy 60 degrees. However... San Francisco has actually been so freaking cold this week. Maybe I've just been spoiled by warmer temperatures or my body has adapted or my blood has thinned out... but I've been a walking talking icicle. Goode Rider sent this jacket in the nick of time. It has a down shell, a shearling-lined hood, and a micro fleece lining. In a word? It's heaven. I wore it all of yesterday in Golden Gate Park and wasn't cold once. Shoot. Maybe it's time to plan a little snowy escape??

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Favorite Sweater

sweater Ella Moss // sunglasses Nordstrom [old]

Turns out, it's pretty hard to figure out how to pose while highlighting elbow patches. I mean, other girls do it all the time but I was sure confused. This is probably why I'm not a regular "fashion" blogger.

However, awkward-blogging woes aside... this Ella Moss sweater is the best thing ever. It is SO cozy, yet doesn't feel frumpy. I love the leather accents and unique neckline. This sweater is perfect for going out to dinner OR curling up for a House Hunters International marathon.... not that I do that. [I definitely do.]

Friday, December 6, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Kitchen

I have to be honest. Our kitchen is the worst. It is.... the worst. Two-thirds of it are floor to ceiling plywood [PLYWOOD] cabinets and countertops. Okay, maybe the counters are a laminate of some sort but it's all a very, very pale wood. It's unappealing and also, there are no outlets. And the counter space is NOT enough for like... baking cookies, or homemade pizza, or even a margarita station! However, 1/3 of it is pretty rad because we painted a chalkboard wall and brought in a little cart. Here are some photos:

When the Huffington Post picked up the story, someone commented "What exactly is she cutting all of those lemons for, anyways??" Well, rude commenter... maybe I was making lemonade!! I wasn't. I just wanted to bring some color into our totally dismal kitchen. And, truth be told, I almost never drink water without a fresh lemon... so I do cut lemons A LOT. Sheesh. But in the end... the joke is TOALLY on him because by adding this cart + chalkboard wall... I turned a real lemon into a beautiful lemonade stand. Or something.

Seriously though, this cart has been a total lifesaver. We wired some additional power strips to the area and are able to have a coffee maker, mixer, and EVEN a margarita station when needed. Granted, I requested that Bess not photograph the terrible side of the kitchen... so I guess it looks pretty great from this angle. I'm just saying, if you're ever invited over- don't be surprised at the other half.

IMAGE CREDIT: Bess Friday for Rue Magazine.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Bedroom

As far as decor goes, our bedroom actually took the longest... by a lot. We completed it maybe 2 weeks before Bess came over to take photos. Because of the bay windows, there were only 2 spots the bed could go... neither of which felt very zen. We had a lot of artwork in there, and a few furniture pieces that didn't make sense or feel cohesive. The whole thing felt like the room where old furniture went to die. 

However, I decided that with all of the natural light- white bedding was exactly what the space needed. Now... this was a pretty hard decision. We have 2 cats jumping on the bed all day and our apartment gets DUSTY. I am pleased to say [and pleasantly surprised] that the bedding has held up and still looks fresh! Here are my favorite photos: 

BEDROOM: 1. Geo Console Table // 2. Bedding: CoverletComforterPillows // 3. Bed // 4. Polka Dot Pillows // 5. Rug // 6. Mirrored Side Table // 7. Polka Dot Curtains // 8. Chair

Funny story: During the photo shoot, we kept trying to get Roxanne [my cat] in the pictures. She had a really cute little scarf on and we gave her a bath the night before so she'd look extra fluffy. I'm obsessed with her... and really just wanted her in a picture, you know?? Unfortunately, she really does blend into the background. Pretty devastating if you ask me. Of course, the WHOLE time Leonard was knocking things over and ruining everyone's day- and CERTAINLY not earning his place in a photo. It's a miracle he wasn't "set free" that day. The moment we moved into the bedroom to shoot, he positioned himself front & center and practiced his America's Next Top Model poses. And with his stupid orange spotted coat? He looked awesome. As usual, Leonard wins.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Dining Room

Next up on the tour, our dining room:

DINING ROOM: 1. Rug // 2. Lighting // 3. Antler Candleholders // 4. R & R Print  // 5. Large Painting // 6. Desk // 7. Sheepskin // 8. Fox Print // 9. Mirrored Jewelry Box // 10. Sabertooth Skull (spray painted gold)

This space has gone through MANY changes since we first moved in. The white built-in was a great feature, but did control the design of the room. The original paint color was the same neutral that you see in the living room, but we wanted a darker hue to really highlight the architecture. We were a little nervous going so dark in such a large room, but once the paint dried... we were obsessed. [OKAY... I was nervous. Tim was the genius behind the operation. As usual.]

For layout, we first had the table pushed against the window. It really felt too crowded, but we weren't sure where else to move it. Once we installed the light fixture, it was a no brainer to center the table underneath. It was literally one of those "OH my gosh, how have we been so stupid this WHOLE time??" moments. They happen a lot. As for my desk? It's been in every possible space in here. I'm pleased to say it still resides in the window [where I'm typing right now]!

In the first picture, you can sort of see the closet doors on the left. That space used to be for a Murphy bed. It is HUGE and such a relief- as San Francisco apartments are known to have the SMALLEST closets ever. It was for sure a selling point when we looked at the place. Currently, it's jam packed with our extra bedding, winter coats, a broken vacuum, and Christmas decorations that I need to dig out. Big closets are seriously the greatest luxury. Of course, in typical Tim//Kelli fashion- a few decor pieces have shifted around. But in general- this is our dining space and I adore it.

Check back tomorrow as we move to the next room in the house. :)

IMAGE CREDIT: Bess Friday for Rue Magazine.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Living Room

With the holidays here, I'm in nesting mode. Candles lit every night, lots of blankets & movies, and a full-blown appreciation for our small San Francisco home. The full tour was on Rue Daily in early September, but I wanted to share some of the photos here too!

I have to say- our photographer was amazing. When I first saw Bess Friday's work, I knew she had to be the one to shoot our place. She is so talented. Let's be honest- when I first got the pictures back, I actually cried tears of joy. I am SO grateful that Tim and I will always have beautiful photos of our first home together, and I can't thank Bess enough for the wonderful job that she did.

Over the next four days, I'll share all of my favorite photos. First up, our living room!

LIVING ROOM: 1. Rockers // 2. Coffee Table // 3. Triangle Terrarium // 4. Yellow Tray // 5. Rug // 6. Gold Accent Table // 7. Sheepskin // 8. Alligator Dish 

The living room was the first room we completed... actually only about a month after I moved here. We went across the bridge to Emeryville and visited IKEA and West Elm. It was so much fun! Tim and I were finally living in the same city, and we were wandering these stores trying to choose things together. Luckily, our styles blended fairly seamlessly.

Once the room was [basically] finished, I remember just sitting on the sofa in the sunlight and looking at everything. Well, gazing is probably a better term. I felt like I finally had my dream home... or I guess more importantly, my dream life. It's funny how a great room can do that for you. While the rest of the apartment is pretty fab... this room will always be my favorite.

Tomorrow, we'll take a little tour of the dining room. Thanks for reading!!

[NOTE: the print on the wall is NOT our address, it's one of Tim's old addresses. :) Don't worry.]

IMAGE CREDIT: Bess Friday for Rue Magazine.

Tuesday Update:

Happy Tuesday!! I've got a few updates for now, and will be back this afternoon with a fun post.

FIRST, an ALL NEW RUE hit digital newsstands today! Say HELLO to Rue Holiday 2013! We've got gift guides for everyone on your list, entertaining & decor tips, and some hot chocolate recipes that are.... well, life changing. Click here to check it out!

ALSO, I am over at YOURS TRULY today sharing "Something for Him." A sweet little gift guide for the man in your life. Note to Tim: don't read it or you'll spoil Christmas. Thank you so much to Chelsea for having me!!

Alright, that's all for the moment... but be sure to come back this evening for an exciting little series. :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Giveaway: San Francisco's Best - #ShopLocalSF

'Tis the season... to shop small and stay local! One of my favorite things about this city, and I think you'll agree, is all of the chic small businesses. It is so enjoyable to explore new neighborhoods, meet darling shop owners, and come home with a few unique pieces I know I can't find anywhere else. 

I've teamed up with 11 local bloggers to shed light on some fantastic boutiques and gifts around San Francisco. The holidays are here, and our shopping lists are long. On top of that, who has time to run around the city picking everything up?? [Hint: NOT ME.] That's why I'm newly obsessed with SixDoors. This app brings the best shops around SF directly to your phone... and then delivers the goods to you on the very same day.

I hope you’ll #ShopLocalSF this season and support the hundreds of local boutiques and shops that shape this city into what it is—unique, authentic, and San Francisco sourced.
With a few of my favorite SF shops in mind, I’ve curated a Gift Guide for the Trendsetter: 

Angela and Roi Cross-Body Bag, BeGood Clothing, $65 // Kris Nations Gold Fill Charm Bracelets, Bell Jar, $37 // Ceres Cuff Ring, Half Hitch Goods, $138 // iSanctuary Chevron Brass Necklace, BeGood Clothing, $32 // je t'aime Pendant, Park and Pond, $45 // Mata Traders Chevron Necklace, BeGood Clothing, $28 // Bianca Clutch, Bell Jar, $316 // Arrowhead Necklace, Ruby, $35 // Painted Leather Clutch, Whistle, $52
I love finding new accessories that you won't see anywhere else... and I feel like this guide encompasses just that. Lucky for me, this entire gift set is available for same-day delivery anywhere in San Francisco - just download the SixDoors app and head to “The Holiday Shop” tab. In addition to my guide, you’ll also see 11 other hand-picked gift ideas from fellow local bloggers & friends. 
Here's where things get exciting. In support of #ShopLocalSF, I’m giving away a $100 credit towards this gift set, or any items you desire available for purchase and same-day delivery in San Francisco! 
Enter to win here: 

THE MORE, THE MERRIER!! Beginning on November 29, and through December 16th, head to a different SF blog each day to win more and discover great boutiques and gift ideas around the city:
Day 1 - GIFTS TO PAMPER A FRIEND: Visit Victoria of SF Girl By Bay on Friday, 11/29 to find perfect gifts for pampering.
Day 2 - GIFTS FOR THE TRENDSETTER: Visit ME! Kelli of Leopard and Lavender on Monday, 12/2 to find stylish, of-the-moment gift ideas.
Day 3 - GIFTS FOR CITY KIDS: Visit Kate of Style Smaller on Tuesday, 12/3 to discover picks for the little ones in your life.
Day 4 - GIFTS FOR THE NEWLYWEDS: Visit Allison of Engaged and Inspired on Wednesday, 12/4 to find gift ideas for your favorite new couple.
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