Wednesday, December 11, 2013


jacket Goode Rider c/o // glasses Free People // sweater Target // necklace Yellow Owl Workshop

I used to always laugh when friends who lived in warmer climates would complain about "winter." Three winters ago, my car was a snowball and I refused to leave the house for 2 days. I could only dream of spending my Decembers in a balmy 60 degrees. However... San Francisco has actually been so freaking cold this week. Maybe I've just been spoiled by warmer temperatures or my body has adapted or my blood has thinned out... but I've been a walking talking icicle. Goode Rider sent this jacket in the nick of time. It has a down shell, a shearling-lined hood, and a micro fleece lining. In a word? It's heaven. I wore it all of yesterday in Golden Gate Park and wasn't cold once. Shoot. Maybe it's time to plan a little snowy escape??


  1. It's Fleece lined everything for me too these days! It's gotten so cold so fast and to think it's going to get only colder until the end of January. I don't even want to think about it. And a snowballed car? I think I'm happy to have a garage that fits both our cars.

    Lovely jacket Kelli!

  2. Honestly, even sunny old Los Angeles has been freezing this week (for Los Angeles standards, at least)! Right there with ya.

    Down the Coast
    Lily on Fillmore

  3. I adore the jacket! It's hard to feel cute while warm... as you know. But that keeps your shape AND keeps you warm. WIN-WIN!


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