Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Bedroom

As far as decor goes, our bedroom actually took the longest... by a lot. We completed it maybe 2 weeks before Bess came over to take photos. Because of the bay windows, there were only 2 spots the bed could go... neither of which felt very zen. We had a lot of artwork in there, and a few furniture pieces that didn't make sense or feel cohesive. The whole thing felt like the room where old furniture went to die. 

However, I decided that with all of the natural light- white bedding was exactly what the space needed. Now... this was a pretty hard decision. We have 2 cats jumping on the bed all day and our apartment gets DUSTY. I am pleased to say [and pleasantly surprised] that the bedding has held up and still looks fresh! Here are my favorite photos: 

BEDROOM: 1. Geo Console Table // 2. Bedding: CoverletComforterPillows // 3. Bed // 4. Polka Dot Pillows // 5. Rug // 6. Mirrored Side Table // 7. Polka Dot Curtains // 8. Chair

Funny story: During the photo shoot, we kept trying to get Roxanne [my cat] in the pictures. She had a really cute little scarf on and we gave her a bath the night before so she'd look extra fluffy. I'm obsessed with her... and really just wanted her in a picture, you know?? Unfortunately, she really does blend into the background. Pretty devastating if you ask me. Of course, the WHOLE time Leonard was knocking things over and ruining everyone's day- and CERTAINLY not earning his place in a photo. It's a miracle he wasn't "set free" that day. The moment we moved into the bedroom to shoot, he positioned himself front & center and practiced his America's Next Top Model poses. And with his stupid orange spotted coat? He looked awesome. As usual, Leonard wins.

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  1. Love, love all of the polka dots! What a pretty white, bright space.

    lily on fillmore


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