Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Dining Room

Next up on the tour, our dining room:

DINING ROOM: 1. Rug // 2. Lighting // 3. Antler Candleholders // 4. R & R Print  // 5. Large Painting // 6. Desk // 7. Sheepskin // 8. Fox Print // 9. Mirrored Jewelry Box // 10. Sabertooth Skull (spray painted gold)

This space has gone through MANY changes since we first moved in. The white built-in was a great feature, but did control the design of the room. The original paint color was the same neutral that you see in the living room, but we wanted a darker hue to really highlight the architecture. We were a little nervous going so dark in such a large room, but once the paint dried... we were obsessed. [OKAY... I was nervous. Tim was the genius behind the operation. As usual.]

For layout, we first had the table pushed against the window. It really felt too crowded, but we weren't sure where else to move it. Once we installed the light fixture, it was a no brainer to center the table underneath. It was literally one of those "OH my gosh, how have we been so stupid this WHOLE time??" moments. They happen a lot. As for my desk? It's been in every possible space in here. I'm pleased to say it still resides in the window [where I'm typing right now]!

In the first picture, you can sort of see the closet doors on the left. That space used to be for a Murphy bed. It is HUGE and such a relief- as San Francisco apartments are known to have the SMALLEST closets ever. It was for sure a selling point when we looked at the place. Currently, it's jam packed with our extra bedding, winter coats, a broken vacuum, and Christmas decorations that I need to dig out. Big closets are seriously the greatest luxury. Of course, in typical Tim//Kelli fashion- a few decor pieces have shifted around. But in general- this is our dining space and I adore it.

Check back tomorrow as we move to the next room in the house. :)

IMAGE CREDIT: Bess Friday for Rue Magazine.


  1. So freaking adorable momma! I need to actually SEE this place in the real life! xoxoxo

    Shannon (durrrrf)

  2. Love this space, the dark walls truly make everything pop. Looks like an inspiring space to write too!

  3. I love how this space looks! The contrast of light and dark really make it so visually stunning. Cozy and yet elegant for all kinds of parties! It's the perfect compliment to the living room that you shared too!

  4. This is great. I love how you have decorated your home! You make me want to completely redo my apartment, lol.

  5. this paint colour is to die for.. what brand/name please!?!?!

    1. Thank you!! It's Benjamin Moore's "Gunmetal"


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