Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our San Francisco Apartment: The Living Room

With the holidays here, I'm in nesting mode. Candles lit every night, lots of blankets & movies, and a full-blown appreciation for our small San Francisco home. The full tour was on Rue Daily in early September, but I wanted to share some of the photos here too!

I have to say- our photographer was amazing. When I first saw Bess Friday's work, I knew she had to be the one to shoot our place. She is so talented. Let's be honest- when I first got the pictures back, I actually cried tears of joy. I am SO grateful that Tim and I will always have beautiful photos of our first home together, and I can't thank Bess enough for the wonderful job that she did.

Over the next four days, I'll share all of my favorite photos. First up, our living room!

LIVING ROOM: 1. Rockers // 2. Coffee Table // 3. Triangle Terrarium // 4. Yellow Tray // 5. Rug // 6. Gold Accent Table // 7. Sheepskin // 8. Alligator Dish 

The living room was the first room we completed... actually only about a month after I moved here. We went across the bridge to Emeryville and visited IKEA and West Elm. It was so much fun! Tim and I were finally living in the same city, and we were wandering these stores trying to choose things together. Luckily, our styles blended fairly seamlessly.

Once the room was [basically] finished, I remember just sitting on the sofa in the sunlight and looking at everything. Well, gazing is probably a better term. I felt like I finally had my dream home... or I guess more importantly, my dream life. It's funny how a great room can do that for you. While the rest of the apartment is pretty fab... this room will always be my favorite.

Tomorrow, we'll take a little tour of the dining room. Thanks for reading!!

[NOTE: the print on the wall is NOT our address, it's one of Tim's old addresses. :) Don't worry.]

IMAGE CREDIT: Bess Friday for Rue Magazine.


  1. How lucky to have such beautiful photographs of your first place together. I always make a point before we move and start packing to take photos to one day show our kids. They never look this good though! Such a lovely space you have created :)

  2. Gorgeous! What a special thing to have for the future :)

  3. Absolutely love your place! Saw it on Rue and found my way here. Random question. Do you guys have a TV? Would love to see how you styled around it.

    1. Hi Sarah! Yep- we DEFINITELY have a TV… and I've watched WAY too many hours of Vanderpump Rules lately. ;) I dug up an old IG photo with it in the background. Our TV is in the second bay window, and we have a white Ikea entertainment unit that allows us to hide all the black boxes when it's not in use. We usually put a few plants on either side. It isn't too much of an eyesore when it's off! http://instagram.com/p/a7Jvb2sP__/


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