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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spotted Shoes

As if the name of my blog didn't make it glaringly obvious, I've got a little thing for leopard print. More recently? I'm craving leopard print shoes. Unfortunately, the addiction has gotten slightly out of hand and I'm now gravitating towards any footwear with any spots at all. This would be fine & well if I had more shoe storage and a generous budget, but both of those areas are looking pretty meager these days. I can dream though... right? I rounded up a few of my recent favorites.


image credits: one* // two* // three* // four // five 
*due to the black hole that is tumblr, I'm unable to find the original sources on these photos. If you know, or have suggestions, please contact me so I can give proper credit! :) 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forever 21 Bay Street Grand Opening

sweater Forever 21 c/o // necklace Forever 21 c/o // leather pants Forever 21 c/o // boots Kelsi Dagger

On Saturday, I was thrilled to co-host the grand opening of Bay Street's Forever 21 with the adorable Kailani of Kailani's Korner. It was totally bananas- people were lined up around the block at 5AM! Let's be honest, not to see me. BUT the new store was stunning, I'd probably line up too! It's beautiful, and in true Forever 21 fashion- every style was represented. Personally, I was obsessed with all of the boho & tribal-inspired pieces. I created 5 looks that I felt showcased my personal style. Yes, I chose a leather skirt-erall [overalls? skirt? skirterall??] because it was SO FAB. I had a lot of fun putting outfits together, and as expected... my wish list grew substantially.

I love how everything looks super luxe, but remains at a very friendly price-point. Which piece is your favorite??


Monday, November 25, 2013

Griffith Observatory

top H&M // jeans 7 for all Mankind // boots Calvin Klein [Picked up at DSW. I searched high & low and can't find them online, but here is a similar pair] // glasses Free People

One last photo set from our trip to LA! On the last day, we went to brunch at Alcove - a great cafe in the heart of Tim's old neighborhood. I was promised it was a celebrity hot spot, but I didn't see a single one. SIGH. We then headed up the hill to Griffith Observatory. It was such a beautiful park, and it was so refreshing to see LA from above. Plus, I was totally starstruck by the Hollywood sign. I know that sounds silly, but it always sort of takes my breath away when I see a famous landmark for the first time. I'm sure those of you living in LA don't even notice the sign since you see it daily, but I couldn't get enough!

Regarding the clothes, this H&M top is one of my favorites! It's made of a great tweed-y material, and has studs along the neckline so I never have to worry about accessorizing. It may or may not imply that I'm hiding a food-baby underneath, but I always prefer boxy tops over form-fitting silhouettes. [Full disclosure, I was hiding a food-baby underneath. The breakfast burrito at Alcove is the best thing in the world.]

Thanks so much for reading, and have a good Monday!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Zara Heels

I loved these white Zara sandals so much that I just couldn't help it... I went back and got them in black. And at a jaw-dropping low price of $49, I think you should probably pick up both pairs as well. They fit the 3-Cs: cute, comfortable, and cost-efficient. No, I'm not proud of typing things like "Shoes so nice I bought them twice" and "the 3-Cs," but I am proud of the shoes. Happy Shopping! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Leather & Tweed

jacket Pins & Needles [old] // dress Gap // boots Calvin Klein [Picked up at DSW. I searched high & low and can't find them online, but here is a similar pair] // necklace Forever21 [old, similar

This outfit was the perfect look for Saturday night in LA. We snapped these photos in the garden at our hotel [The Hollywood Roosevelt] and then headed out on the town- quite literally. We met up with friends [who happened to be staying at THE COOLEST Airbnb place] before going to the art show. It's very likely I was the only person there who wasn't an extremely talented artist, but I'm pretty used to being mediocre so I still had a great time. Afterwards, Tim and I did "date-night, LA edition" and went to Bottega Louie. It was even better than I could have dreamed! I ordered a box of macarons to go and carried them around like they were my most prized possession. What can I say? I wanted them for breakfast the next day, and am pleased to say they survived the night. We ended up at The Dresden [of Swingers fame] and I am pretty sure I had the total Hollywood experience. Full disclosure... it was a wonderful night, of course- but SF still takes 1st as the best city in California.

I realize now that I probably should say something about the clothes. ;) The jacket & boots are total basics, but the dress takes the cake. It is made of a thick sweatshirt material, so it won't blow up if it's windy. It's also fairly warm [for a dress] so I totally recommend it for winter! The only downside is the sleeves are a little short for my long arms [I'm 5'7 and in a size small]. However, it looks great with the sleeves rolled up so I'm still obsessed. It looks like it's currently sold out online- but Gap ALWAYS restocks items and it will likely be available again within a few days.

Don't forget, tomorrow I'll be at the Forever 21 Bay Street Grand Opening. Stop by for small bites, snacks, and 10% off. PLUS, I'll be sharing my favorite Forever 21 finds! Who will I see there?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laid Back in LA

sweater Gap [on sale!!] // jeans Citizens // flats MIA [old, similar] // sunglasses Free People

When Tim and I went to LA last week, we were a little wimpy. Instead of driving the entire way on Friday [and paying for an expensive hotel], we opted to stop in Bakersfield. On Saturday morning, we had a little driving left before meeting some of Tim's friends in Santa Monica. I wanted to be comfortable in the car, but ready to brunch at a moment's notice. And let's be honest... shouldn't we ALL be ready to brunch at a moment's notice??

This Gap sweater was my saving grace. It is SO SOFT [the softest] but still flattering. I scooped it up on sale last week and am so glad I did. I can basically guarantee that if you ever see me out to brunch on a Saturday, I'll be wearing this sweater.

Also, it should be noted that the first photo is not posed. I was actually looking up at the palm trees. We have some in San Francisco, but none quite so tall. LA, your palm trees are crazy tall and I have a crush on them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hair Today...

I've spent the past few hours combing through [pun intended...] hair photos on Pinterest. I'm heading to a new salon tomorrow and am 1/2 terrified, 1/2 excited. It's no secret, I'm OBSESSED with my hair stylist [Deseree at Graeber's in Boise, ID]... but I am not flying home for the holidays this season and am in desperate need of a cut and color. I don't plan on doing anything too drastic, but here's the image I'm taking along as inspiration:

Is ombre still a thing?? I hope so. Of course, my natural hair color isn't quite that dark... so I guess we'll see what we come up with. Also, if ombre ISN'T still a thing, maybe one of you could let me know before I make a terrible mistake.

Also, if you're in San Francisco- Rue will be hosting a fabulous party at Ella Moss on Fillmore tomorrow [Thursday]. I stopped by the store earlier in the week, and am not only obsessed with the clothing- the decor is to die for. It is such a beautiful space and the party is going to be amazing. Find details here- hope to see you there!

[image credit]

Friday, November 15, 2013

California Dreamin'

This afternoon, we're heading down the coast to the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles. Tim has a piece in an art show and we decided to make a vacation out of it. He actually lived in LA for a number of years, and I've only been once. And by once, I mean I've been to Disneyland and also sat in traffic. I'm excited to see all his favorite hangouts and maybe even score an invite to dinner at Ellen and Portia's house. Okay... the second one might be a stretch, but you NEVER know. I'm told I can be very convincing. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 

PS... Piperlime is having a HUGE SALE on already marked-down items. Happy Shopping! 

[image credits: one // two]

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Latest Beauty Finds

You may not know this about me... but I am a total beauty-junkie. I wouldn't say I have a problem, but Tim is starting to get concerned about storage. [He's yet to discover the drawers I have below the bed... Shhh!] I love learning about ingredients and then trying things out to see if they live up to the hype. Unfortunately- most of them don't! I have pretty sensitive skin and I'm nit-picky about makeup. While I'll try any beauty fad under the sun, I will dislike most of them.

I recently stumbled upon four products that are total game changers.  FIRST... I've finally discovered a red lipstick that doesn't make me feel like I'm a 6 year old who got into my grandma's lipstick. [That happened.] It might help that the cap has a cute little gemstone... but Dolce & Gabbana's "Rubino" is creamy, flattering, and a new essential for a night out. For mascara, I'm loving Dolce & Gabbana's Passion Eyes Mascara in Nero 1. It makes my lashes full just like Bambi. And the best part? This mascara doesn't flake! That's a miracle in itself.

The last time I got a facial, the sun damage around my eyes was brought to my attention. Whoops! I needed to add an eye cream to my routine quick, and I tried out four different kinds before landing on It's Potent by Benefit. It is very lightweight and gives me a feeling of under eye "replenishment," which is weird sounding but the only way I can describe it. It's gentle and I wish all my skincare products made my face feel this way.

Lastly, the Perfect Ten palette by Bare Minerals is EVERYTHING. It's got 10 gorgeous shades- eyes, lips, and cheeks- and comes in a cute little case. The colors included are so flattering for day or night, and I've gotten three separate compliments on my makeup lately... which is a LOT considering I work from home.

Now it's your turn- any beauty products you're loving lately??


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Girl!

blazer J.Crew // top Francesca's // jeans AG, similar // shoes Via Spiga, similar 

TODAY is a great day. TODAY is my best friend's birthday!! In honor of her big day, I am posting an old photo of Lindy to prove how classic and cool she really is. This outfit was photographed in March 2012- yet she still looks WAY COOLER than I do currently. Some people just have style, am I right??

I would say the one and only downside to moving to San Francisco is that Lindy and I were separated. We used to be attached at the hip and spent an average of 20 hours a day together. It pretty much stinks that we are a million [823] miles apart.

Linders, I've put together a few birthday itineraries for if we were in the same city:

BOISE: We would have brunch at La Vie en Rose [well, it actually went out of business after we moved... coincidence?] and then we would sit on the couches and watch a Friends marathon with the cats. We'd go to Starbucks and I would scold them if they gave you whipped cream. We'd get a mani-pedi and I would scold them if they were too rough on your cuticles. Of course, we'd have dinner at Fork and we'd get a bottle of wine to share and the staff would still think we were a couple. We'd end the celebration at DLR's and dance and dance and dance... and then we'd tell anyone else we were with that we were going to the bathroom and we'd hop in a cab and go home without saying bye.

SEATTLE: We would probably have dinner at the top of the Space Needle?? I'd say Matador, but it's your birthday... not mine. We would also split a bottle of wine in this scenario.

SAN FRANCISCO: Well... Roxanne would be nice to you ALL DAY, and that would be a treat. We'd drink a bottle of champagne in the park, and then we'd go get happy hour at Nopa and gab away. Also, I would eat my once-yearly sushi dinner in your honor and then we'd pose for photos in front of the Bay Bridge. I understand that is what we did last year, but you know I appreciate traditions.

Anyways, no matter what we'd really have a great time. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I had so much fun yesterday recapping the La-Z-Boy Design Dash that I realized I've actually been up to a lot of fun things and haven't shared them with you. In fact, these events have kept my social calendar hoppin' and totally cut into my blogging time. Such a shame! SO, I decided to mix my social life with my blog life... here's a little summary:

In early October, I flew to Chicago to join the Novogratz for an intimate dinner at CB2 and preview their new holiday line. It was really wonderful getting to meet such an influential design duo- I'm such a fan!!  I used the extra time to explore Chicago, a city I'd never been to before. I met up with my friend Kelley [who just so happened to be appearing on the Steve Harvey Show], had lunch with an old college friend, and looked at all of the gorgeous architecture.

I joined Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp and a few members of the Birchbox team for coffee at my favorite SF cafe. I've been a big fan of Birchbox for years, and it was truly inspiring to learn more about the brand as well as discover what they have planned. Needless to say, this girl is a Birchbox fan for life.

My friend Juli and I went down the peninsula to a fun event at Westfield Valley Fair. Fashion DuJour was a celebration of style- featuring talented tastemakers, Emmy-nominated designs [from shows like Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Game of Throwns], and a Veuve Clicquot lounge. I also got to meet one of my biggest inspirations, Zanna Roberts Rassi. She was so kind and her shoes? PERFECT.

I was so excited when my friend Erin asked me to be her date for a quick getaway to Napa. We joined Julia, her husband Thomas, and the fabulous girls of Bare Minerals for maybe the best Saturday ever. We had an amazing lunch at Bottega, got all dolled up with Bare Minerals makeup, and headed to Live in the Vineyard- a super fun concert featuring James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, and more. I'm telling you- Best. Saturday. Ever. 

Have you ever heard of the Tonga Room? It's my new favorite place in the entire world. If you're a fan of the Bachelor, you may recognize it from Ben's season. It's a tiki bar at the historic Fairmont Hotel. There is literally a pool in the middle of the bar- and it doesn't stop there. A boat floats out into the center of the pool and there is a band playing the best dancing music ever. And sometimes, it rains into the pool from the ceiling. And other times, you get pineapples FULL of piƱa coladas and you crash a photo booth.

Rue kicked off the holiday season with an amazing party at the Gap. Crystal, Julia, and Erin hosted, Culinary Eye provided some tasty beverages and Thanksgiving-themed snacks, and everyone got 30% off. Also- how amazing is Julia's hot pink jacket??

I ventured out to Mill Valley for the opening of the new West Elm store. Spoiler alert- I WANT EVERYTHING. Such a great collection for holiday. I think everyone is getting West Elm gifts for Christmas this year. I ran into one of my favorite people, photographer Aubrie Pick, and we [obviously] made our way to the photo booth. Too fun!
Add in a few Hart of Dixie marathons, 9 frozen pizzas, hours of snuggles with Leonard and Roxanne, and non-stop work... and that's my life as of late! What have you been up to?

Monday, November 11, 2013

La-Z-Boy Design Dash

I recently had the amazing opportunity to join La-Z-Boy in High Point, North Carolina for the La-Z-Boy Design Dash. Truth be told, I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got on the plane. I knew I'd be part of a "competition" [hello, nerves- I'm not competitive at ALL] and I'd be designing a room around a La-Z-Boy sofa... but that's about it. A few weeks before the trip, I designed my La-Z-Boy sofa online and was told I'd see it in North Carolina. I knew I wanted to play off of natural woods, pinks, and navy- so I chose a rich burgundy hue. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to really see the style beforehand and later regretted my decision. Fear not- it all worked out. You'll see.

I arrived in High Point and checked in at the Proximity Hotel. This place is an absolute dream- I'm already scheming up ways to get back to North Carolina for some rest & relaxation. You guys, I could watch reality TV from the bathtub. It's a miracle I came back to California! After a short nap, I went down to the lobby to meet the other bloggers and some of the La-Z-Boy team. I immediately met Marie-Eve from Lake Jane and was comforted by the fact that neither of us completely knew what to expect. She warned me that she'd heard whisperings of there being a LITERAL dash...

We piled into a shuttle and were taken to the Lofts at Union Square [AKA a venue so beautiful I wish I lived there] for perhaps the best dinner of my life. I was born to eat comfort food... and NC does it right. During dinner, Mark Bacon, the President of La-Z-Boy, spoke about the company's vision and plans. I don't know about you, but when I think of La-Z-Boy- I think of a forest green corduroy recliner. Comfort? Absolutely. Style? Maybe not. However, as the evening wore on- my doubts vanished. It was so cool to learn more about how they're evolving to keep up with current trends. ALSO, I realized what a huge honor it was to attend and had a total 'pinch-me' moment. And then I had a second helping of truffle mac & cheese.

After dinner, we were taken to the La-Z-Boy showroom and Marie-Eve was right... we dashed. Kelly Edwards [of one of my favorite HGTV shows ever- Design on a Dime] explained to us that we were essentially about to take part in Supermarket Sweeps. We each had a shopping cart, a stack of name tags, and 2 hours to rush through the showroom tagging everything we wanted. The items would be carefully packed up and delivered to the photo studio where our couches awaited. I was SERIOUSLY PANICKED because there were 10 other bloggers and what if they got all the good stuff, you know?? I HATE COMPETING! The joke ended up being on me because the showroom was FULL of the most beautiful furniture ever. And every style was well represented. With the exception of a few items... the pieces I wanted were available. Halfway through, the La-Z-Boy team made an announcement. The first person to locate Kelly got to switch their sofa! I basically ran for my life and yes... I was able to switch to the most beautiful tweed number I've ever seen. Total game changer.

Here's a little teaser video showing the details of the dash:

When we got back to the hotel, I fell face first into bed and didn't even have a moment to get stressed or nervous about designing a room around the sofa. Miraculous.

The next day, we arrived at Kreber Studios and each blogger's room was ready to go- director's chair and all. With the help of my La-Z-Boy designer Megan, I took a tiring approach and hauled rugs in one by one to see which looked best. Rugs are the defining point in a room for me, and I like to see things firsthand. It's like a heavy, exhausting version of Pinterest. I was definitely moving slower than the other bloggers but I wasn't nervous at all. Design for me happens very quickly- and when it clicks, it clicks! I knew that I'd have my A-Ha Moment and the room would be finished in about 5 minutes.

Luckily, that ended up being totally true- and I stuck with my original vision of pink! I created the most beautiful bohemian paradise I'd ever laid eyes on. Basically, this room is how I'd live if I didn't live with a boy. I became so obsessed with this space that I felt really sad to leave it behind. I began to believe it was my actual living room and I just was a resident of Kreber. I still miss the room to this day. Here are a few snapshots of the 48 hour process:

And here is the final product:

Throughout the event, we were filmed a lot and interviewed by Kelly- and I probably said a ton of dorky things. At least I kept my authentic vibe, no? Now, you can see the video- but I'll need a little help. I mentioned this was a competition? Well... for you too!

La-Z-Boy has a contest that begins TODAY and it's going to be killer. If you vote for your favorite room, you'll get a chance to earn $10,000 TO LA-Z-BOY. You read that correctly... $10,000. Is that even a real number?? SO HUGE. Just click this link, watch my video, and vote- for me, preferably. Of course, you should also watch the videos of the other fabulous contestants and truly- just vote for your favorite. There is a lot of amazing design waiting for you! And if you SHARE the post after you vote? You can earn another chance to win. Even better- you can vote every single day until December 20. Couldn't you just die??

A huge thank you to everyone involved with the La-Z-Boy Design Dash. I am truly humbled and honored to have been included with such a stellar group, and I am so impressed with the products I discovered [as a note... everything pictured in my room is from La-Z-Boy]. And thank YOU for any help with voting. GOOD LUCK. $10,000 is more La-Z-Boy goods than you could shake a stick at!

*My trip and accommodations were generously sponsored by La-Z-Boy. As always, all opinions are my own.