Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I shared this image on Instagram last week, and wanted to write about it [complain about it] here. It is just something that has really been getting on my nerves lately. So many people spend their time expressing how much they "hate" something… jobs, their apartments, hipsters, prepsters, the Kardashians, broccoli, Vampire Weekend, the rain, mason jars, other bloggers or websites, the cost of rent or gas or groceries or the president… The list goes on. It's seems to be so much EASIER to bash something to bits than to be passionate about something positive. Maybe it's because it's "safer" to hate something. What's that old adage…. the quickest way to become someone's friend is to bond over a mutual dislike? I think that's a real cop out.

I guess I've been more aware of this feeling because I'm super sensitive to negative energy. I know, I know… that's basically hippie talk. But seriously! I feel like I absorb negative energy like a sponge and if I'm not careful, I let it drag me down and ruin my own day. Because of this, I am hyper-aware of people who spend their time promoting their DISLIKES instead of nurturing what they LOVE. And to be honest, there is nothing I find LESS INTERESTING than telling me what you think is just THE WORST. I want to know what drives people, what excites them, and what strengthens their creativity.

When you focus on the things and people that you hate, you are not allowing the things you love to thrive. Whether it's judging, comparing, or resenting others, focusing on terrible customer service and bashing businesses, or just letting that stress-wheel spin in your mind for hours, you're essentially allowing yourself to become your own worst enemy. I think that we'd all be better suited to follow the quote… promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

SO, on that note… here are a few things I'm LOVING these days:

     -Oversized sweaters.
     -Tory Burch Fall 2014 RTW.
     -When my friend Tina updates her blog,
     -My cat Roxanne.
     -The Small Spaces issue of Rue Magazine.
     -This San Francisco home.'s Pinterest page.
     -These feminine & flirty wine glasses.
     -This book about the "fair that changed America."
     -Katy Perry.
     -Cute stationery.
     -Tulum, Mexico.

Now it's your turn. What are YOU loving most?


  1. aw. This is right up my alley. It's easy for to get caught up in negative energy too. It's so powerful that when people start spiraling down this hole of negativity, all of a sudden, I feel upset/angry/unhappy/sad/etc. It's a warped situation. Sometimes, that's the reason I can't watch the news. I know a lot of things are happening that aren't so great in the world but, there is hardly a fair share of the good in the world. Is it boring? Is it less than news-breaking? Perhaps. That's debatable I suppose. But, it sure puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good about the world when I hear a good Samaritan story or hear a cute story. I'm not what you call a hippy either but, why not spread some happiness?

    On that note, I'm loving...
    -seeing NYFW photos
    -meeting people IRL that you follow on some social media outlet and discovering he/she is as awesome as you hoped
    -nail polish and nail art
    -gold anything
    -minimal styling lately
    -city skylines
    -Karen Walker anything
    -kid's laughter
    -Sugar Paper LA anything
    -walking around Target
    -a cup of coffee/Chai


  2. Now I can't stop thinking of Tacolicious!!!!!! And thank you for the mid-week reminder to recognize negative energy and step-away

  3. Also totally hippie but true: when you come at life from a place of love you start to see it in a different way. It's amazing, and has completely changed how I live my life.

    -Mara Hoffman's Pinterest account
    -Memories of my recent trip to Nicaragua
    -The terrarium on my desk at work
    -Having the house to myself while my roommate is gone for 3 months
    -Teeki Yoga Pants
    -Words with Friends


  4. I totally love this. I tend to fall into the negative as well (one of my resolutions was to be more positive) but it's so easy to get into that trap!

  5. Love this post! Could not agree with you more girly. It's so hard to maintain your positivity when others are so negative around you. Fun list! Definitely loving red lipstick, denim shirts, and cupcakes right now! lol


  6. Woot! Couldn't agree more! And I love that you love Tulum! My mom has a restaurant there:

  7. Great post Kelli! I'm all about spreading the positive energy.

  8. This is so great and so needed! Thank you!


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