Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Shower

dress // moccasins // one piece // stretch mark oil // face wash // onesie // blankie // doll

These days, my social calendar is filling up with baby showers. Believe it or not, this is VERY exciting for me. While the idea of having my own children is a LONG ways off… I really love shopping for little tiny clothes and accessories. And even better… I love shopping for little tiny GIRL clothes and accessories. Everything is so darling and small and soft... and did I say darling??

While doing some online shower shopping, I stumbled across so many cute finds I couldn't help but share them here. Right now, Gap Baby is bursting with adorable dresses and onesies. And for mama? Belli Skincare is a total lifesaver. My girlfriends have all expressed frustration with their hormonal skin, yet traditional acne treatments are off limits. Belli Skincare is effective for battling hormonal acne, but doesn't include any harsh chemicals that may be bad for baby. AND girls let's be honest. I've used the face wash even though I'm NOT expecting, and I love it. Lastly, how sweet is this Jess Brown doll? Needless to say, my friends AND their baby girls are going to be some spoiled little ladies.

Now, if only I could convince everyone that "Kelli" is 2014's hottest new name for little girls...

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