Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blush by Jamie Rose

I really love living in San Francisco, but do miss the charm of my hometown. Boise, ID is really up & coming, with new restaurants and shops popping up all the time. [Remember when I gave Rue a tour of all the best spots??] Since then- my dream shop has opened its doors.

Blush by Jamie Rose is Boise's first beauty boutique, carrying luxury cosmetics, skincare, body care, candles, and fragrances. You all know I'm a skincare addict, and it totally pains me I'm not able to spend ALL of my money here. Owned by the beautiful Jamie Verner, this shop's interior is as fabulous as the products. Think luxe glamour meets shabby chic:

[photos: Tana Photography]

Jamie also offers makeup artistry for bridal, print, TV/film, and special occasions. Actually, the first time I met Jamie- she did my makeup and let's be honest guys, I've never looked better.

GUYS: I can guarantee that if you've forgotten Valentine's Day [hint: tomorrow!!], you'll find the perfect gift here. And girls: it's basically a dream, no?

I've yet to make a visit, it's at the TOP of my list the next time I head back. And for those of us not in Boise, be sure to follow along on FacebookInstagram:

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