Saturday, March 8, 2014

Deviled Eggs

I have never really been much of a cook, but lately… I've been expanding my culinary talents. My recipe box has been diversified and now includes things like fajitas, breaded chicken, french toast, scrambles, stir fry... and who would have guessed it all tastes great?? [Past roommates can vouch; I'm pretty terrible when it comes to the kitchen.] However, one dish that I learned when I was young is deviled eggs. I've been tricking people into thinking I'm a Top Chef for years with this fool proof appetizer. It's a great party dish and doesn't take long at all.


6 hard boiled eggs
Miracle Whip or mayonnaise
Yellow mustard
Lawry's Season Salt
Paprika [for garnish]

Slice eggs in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place into a medium mixing bowl. Place the egg whites on serving dish.

Using a fork or dough blender, mash the egg yolks until they become finely crumbled.

Add one heaping spoonful of Miracle Whip [or mayo if you prefer], and add equal parts yellow mustard. Mix well. [TIP: I typically do equal parts egg yolk, Miracle Whip, and yellow mustard, and then adjust based on taste.]

Once mixed, add Lawry's Season Salt to taste. I tend to use quite a bit [I basically coat the entire top of the mixture with the salt], but if you like the flavor without it, a pinch should do just fine. Mix well.

Using a frosting bag, fill the hollowed egg whites with the yolk mixture. [TIP: We don't have a frosting bag, so we put the yolk mixture into a ziplock bag and cut off one corner.]

Sprinkle paprika over the top and serve!


The problem with my recipe is that I completely eyeball the ingredients & taste test until the flavors are just right. If you want something more structured, check out these recipes.

Also, a few years ago, my mom got me an Egg Genie for Christmas. It seems silly, but makes PERFECT eggs every time.

What's your go-to party dish??

[thanks to Kyle Kirchhoff for the pictures]

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

TODAY is such an exciting day! TODAY, Mr. Peabody & Sherman hits theaters!

When I first met my boyfriend Tim, he showed me a few drawings of his latest project… a movie about a dog who adopts a boy. I'd never heard of Mr. Peabody & his boy Sherman before, but they originated as cartoon shorts that accompanied Rocky & Bullwinkle in the 1960s.

As the Art Director and a Character Designer for the movie, Tim helped to determine the look and feel- and even designed Mr. Peabody & Sherman! It was really important to Tim to pay respect to the original designs, and this project is very close to his heart. Over the past few years, I've watched the dog & the boy come to life, and finally… the rest of the world can see too!

This week, we flew down to LA for the premiere. It was a day Tim's been anticipating for three years, and it was such a joy to see his work come to life on the big screen. AND… it's the 3rd time I've seen it, and you guys- I'm still not sick of it. This movie is REALLY GOOD.

For the premiere, I wore my new Rory Beca dress, an old Target blazer, and my trusty Badley Mischka pumps. The shoes are actually extremely painful, so I was pretty pumped that you get to sit down during movies. Obviously the only person on the red carpet that wanted my photo was Tim, but here's a round up of the flick's leading ladies and their adorable outfits. My soul is a little crushed that I didn't bump into Leslie Mann, but we did get a chance to talk to Ty Burrell at the after party. I'm thrilled to report he's just as nice as you would hope. Like, the nicest. 

Watching Tim pour his heart & soul into something so magnificent has been a true honor. I'm sure I'll watch it a million more times and never get sick of the cuteness. Everyone should 100% go see it, stick around for the credits, and give a little "woo hoo" when the name Timothy Lamb shows up. ;) 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hip Hip Hooray! An all new Rue is on digital newsstands today! I'm currently curled up enjoying the team's hard work and if I'm allowed to say this [I think I am], it's a GREAT issue. 

In the vibrant pages, you'll find some BEAUTIFUL home tours [like an African house that will leave you with a serious case of wanderlust, a Miami home that's as bright as the city itself, and a Chicago loft that takes a more subdued approach], and as expected- I'm sharing my favorite prints & patterns for spring. Plus, my girl Megan McCarty takes us on a tour of Minneapolis. 

We hope you LOVE it!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

I really adore awards shows. While the whole production is totally manufactured, you still get a glimpse into the personal, very vulnerable lives of the year's top performers. For example, I sobbed my way through Jared Leto's speech, and got the tissues out again when Lupita claimed her award. You get to see their partners, the hope that accompanies them when they win or lose, and with the help of this year's host- a little peek into what it'd be like to have a pizza party with the biggest stars in the world. It's all so perfectly produced [aka fake..]… yet so REAL.

When it comes to fashion, I tend to skip out on the red carpet coverage beforehand. Criminal, I know. But I personally find the interviews [and things like the "mani-cam"] painfully awkward and forced. Instead, I catch the recaps online the next morning. And in a not-so-surprising turn of events, my favorite looks came from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party:

Leslie Mann is a favorite of mine [and NOT just because she's one of the voices in Mr. Peabody & Sherman]. She looks positively radiant in this sunny Jenny Packman dress, and I love that she kept her hair simple and chic.

Evan Rachel Wood is usually a miss in my book, but this Elie Saab gown is ah-ma-zing. It looks like it's dripping with emeralds and her lip color couldn't be more perfect. I would liked to have seen her hair slightly different [longer? a sleek up-do?] but other than that, this dress is #1 on my fantasy closet wish list.

Who invited Lemon Breeland? Okay, seriously… I never - and I mean never - like red dresses. I just don't care for red in general. But this dress by Ulyana Sergeenko is divine. I really like the contrasting details at the waistline, and the unique cutout really works. Also, do we think those are pockets? They really seem like pockets. If so, this dress is a game changer.

I sadly would not be surprised if this Dior Gold dress lands Rashida Jones on the Worst Dressed list, but I LOVE it. It has everything I crave in a dress. Sleeves. Embellishments. Pattern. A high neckline. And her hair & makeup is totally on point. And also, she is the coolest. I want/need this in a mini-version IMMEDIATELY.

Lastly, this has nothing to do with style [even though J.Law's shattered disco ball dress is perfection], but is more about my main-squeeze LD. Larry David has never smiled so big, am I right? I would KILL to be on the other side of the camera just LOLing right along with them. KILL. Man, some girls just have all the luck.

Your turn! What did you love most [if anything] about the Oscars? And more importantly… who made YOUR Best Dressed list?

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