Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back to Blonde: Population Salon

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OK. I'll admit it. I have a huge problem addiction habit and I always switch my hair color. Blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette, blonde... It's been going on since I was an 18 year old salon receptionist in college. When I met Tim, I was blonderexic and loved visiting my stylist every 5 weeks for another rendezvous with a bottle of bleach. Then, I moved to San Francisco and had a total beauty breakdown. I hated how my light locks looked in the foggy climate. Impulsively, I went to a salon around the corner and said "make it as dark as you can." The woman was pretty rude and overcharged me [by about $200], yet I was so exhausted that I just wrote her a check and lived on as a brunette... a brunette full of regrets. I mean... full disclosure- I loved it for like 2 weeks. Then I realized how long it was going to take to get back to blonde [not to mention the cost], and I was pretty distraught. UGHHHH you guys. It's a hard life to be this indecisive! I just wanted to be closer to my natural, blondish hue WITHOUT the maintenance that used to come with it.

So of course, the process back to blonde began ever-so-slowly. It sucks when your favorite stylist in the world lives in a different state! Julia recommended I visit Population... which conveniently is in my neighborhood. A few months ago, I visited her stylist [Richard] and he did an amazing job- giving my hair the total refresh it needed. I couldn't believe I hadn't been before and felt stupid about my earlier expensive foray into brunetteville. I felt even more stupid, because as it turns out- Tim is friends with the owner [Brian] and his beautiful wife [Carolina]. So, I made a second appointment with Brian last week and basically could faint I love my hair so much. Brian just 'got it.' He knew the shades that would work with my skin tone, he toned it perfectly, the cut is everything. SIGH. So happy to be back to a good place with my hair. I solemnly swear I will never go back to brunette again.

Also, let's just take a moment to talk about this coat. I scooped it up at Goodwill on Fillmore St. for $20. A 3/4 sleeve coat is ESSENTIAL for San Francisco's finicky weather. Best find ever.

PS... Brian's wife Carolina just started her own amazing blog, MOTHRS. Add it to your reader NOW.


  1. YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS! So much volume :) Love this coat!

  2. I thought you looked great with darker hair, but this blonde is amazing! I need to grow out my hair a little bit more before I go and take it over to Population.

  3. I positively LOVE this color on you! It looks so good on you. So much that I may give population a second try - I went for a cut (not color) almost exactly a year ago, and didn't really get what I wanted. Maybe with a different person this time?

  4. I am making an appointment here right before our wedding. I MUST see your stylist!

  5. We have the same favorite stylist. I'm considering moving back just to get a hair cut.


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