Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TULUM: A Day in Town

dress Forever 21 // sunglasses Free People // flip flops Old Navy // bag Kate Landry [old] // mosquito bites c/o Tulum ;)
[Sorry for the lower quality images. We didn't bring the big camera with us on this day!]

These images were snapped on DAY TWO of our Tulum adventure. I guess we should call this post TWOlum? [It's important to note that I didn't snap what I wore each day of the trip... but I will be doing a recap of all restaurants, excursions, hotels, etc... at the end of the week.] 

We woke up extra early to watch the sunrise, and... Tim asked me to marry him! I, between smiles and tears, said yes as quickly as I could. The happiest moment of my life!! It's safe to say we'll be returning to Mezzanine each year to celebrate! [Yes, there are far more details that accompany that story... but we're opting to keep it between close friends & family. We like to think in a world where I put a majority of my life online, that some things are still just a little sacred.]

After breakfast [and mimosas- a rare find in Tulum!] at the hotel, we met up with Willie and ventured into town. Willie is really familiar with the area AND speaks Spanish, so it was nice to have him there to give us the lay of the land. He showed us where the banks, pharmacies [where you get the best deal on sunscreen], bakeries, and souvenir shops were, AND he helped us order our lunch. ;) In Tulum, a lot of the locals do speak English. However, we really tried our best to only speak English when 100% necessary, and learned as much as we could each day. We wanted to be polite and respectful!

The town is not quite what I imagined, yet in the same sense- it's exactly what I'd imagined. The shops and restaurants are in a cluster right along the main highway. I guess I thought they'd be nestled into a quieter street? You'll find beautiful wares for sale [still kicking myself we didn't pick out a blanket] and a lot of open air bars & kitchens. We stopped for celebratory margaritas and lunch- but I don't remember the name of the place. It wasn't too noteworthy, but I have heard that Antojitos La Chiapaneca is amazing.

We ended the day with a few too many Coco Locos at Mateo's. Coco Loco = fresh coconut with rum. YUM. We also had dinner at Zamas. The food was just alright, but the live music was AMAZING. If anything, you should go for good tunes & a drink or two. Don't forget the bug spray!

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