Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TULUM: Dreamy

dress Forever 21 [old, so I'm sharing a few similar options below] // sunglasses vintage // location Tulum Bay

One of my favorite things about our time in Tulum is that we didn't really need to have a plan... ever. Considering so much of our life in the city is defined by our Google Calendars, it was refreshing to just indulge in each and every moment. I'll admit, this took a lot of practice for me. I love to plan my meals like 4 days in advance. It took about 48 hours before I stopped being fidgety and trying to control everything... but once I got in the habit of living one hour at a time, I wondered how I ever lived any other way.

After a few days of exploring cenotes [defined as a "a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath], drinking margs, and/or laying on the beach without moving for as long as humanly possibly, we decided to get gussied up for dinner. Before we walked over, we headed up to our new hotel's terrace. We had an unforgettable view in every direction and watched the sun set over the jungle. In a word, it was dreamy. 

We had dinner at the Papaya Playa Project. It's part of the Design Hotels group, so the grounds are absolutely breathtaking. We hope to stay here a night or two next trip! Our food had a lot of unique flavors and was really delicious- we definitely recommend it! Don't get the cocktail called "PPP" though. It's basically a thick fruit mush with diced cucumber. After a long day in the sun, you need some liquid, you know?? Also, if you're just going for dinner, bring a flashlight! It's easy to get lost amongst the cabins on the way to the restaurant. 

Maybe what I love most about Tulum is that it's as low-maintenance as you could imagine. I packed a few necklaces and bracelets, but they stayed forgotten in my suitcase the entire trip. You only need a few breezy dresses, a chambray or cardigan in case the wind picks up at night, and one pair of sandals. At some point, you start to forget that clothing matters and just grab whatever is dry! My bold & bright patterned dresses helped me feel chic yet took zero effort. The best! 

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