Friday, April 18, 2014

TULUM: Last Sunset

sweater ILY Couture c/o // dress Rory Beca c/o [last worn here]

Sigh, the last night of our trip was a sad one. We had essentially convinced ourselves that we were residents of Tulum and just were going to live there forever. [Since we couldn't... I decided to just never stop Instagramming or Blogging about it. Sorry!] I have travel anxiety [of course] so I packed up everything early before heading to the beach for a sunset walk. Tulum Beach in the evening is truly something wonderful. Everything begins to blend together and the most beautiful blues, purples, and grays appear. Kite surfers whip past while cute couples saunter barefoot to dinner and literally everyone is just happy. It's no wonder this place is so popular!

We had spent the entire trip enjoying & celebrating our engagement, but I really do think it sunk in on this night. We were about to head back to our regular lives and for some reason, that made everything a reality. I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have even needed an airplane the next morning... I could have floated on home on a cloud. Really painfully cheesy but basically accurate.

This weekend, I'll do a post with easy references to the best hotels, restaurants, and activities. And then everyone should book a trip, or better yet- meet us there!

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  1. I've enjoyed these Tulum posts so so much. It looks dreamy and absolutely wonderful. And congratulations on the engagement!!! Seriously could not have happened in a better location.


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