Thursday, April 17, 2014

TULUM: Top Knots & Margaritas

sunglasses Cor Surf // dress L*Space Swim c/o [on sale!] // sandals Target [available in silver here] // swim top Target

When I started thinking about packing for Tulum, I realized that the fog of San Francisco had totally blinded me from what cool "resort wear" was. I had NO clue where to look for cute swim suits or coverups. Like, do you just wear jeans or...

Luckily, through Twitter, I discovered L*SPACE by Monica Wise. AND... I was instantly ready to relocate to the beach. If you haven't noticed, I picked up a few cute bikinis from the brand [here & here]. Just putting this cute coverup on had me dreaming of opening up a bikini shop in Mexico. It's super lightweight and the prettiest shade of pink. It's the perfect piece for the hot humid weather of Tulum.

We traveled down the coast a little further to check in at our third hotel. It had the most beautiful walkway through thick plants and fountains and cute little cabins before you get to the bar- which had a totally magical view. AND, dare I say, Om Tulum has the strongest margaritas on the beach.

The water pressure in Tulum isn't ideal... so by about day 6 my hair started to dreadlock. Sometimes the wind and saltwater really worked in my favor... other times, it just became a matted mess & the top knot won. Just think of dry shampoo, but instead of shampoo it's a handful of salt & sand. Très chic!

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