Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We're Engaged!!

Saturday, March 22: We're engaged!!!

This photo was snapped a few moments after & I'll never forget how I felt. Can't wait to share more about our amazing trip to Tulum and this incredible, exciting time in our lives. I've never been happier!! Eek!!


  1. This is the BEST! I'm sooooo happy for you guys. Much love.

  2. What a sweet moment you captured! Congratulations and the best wishes for this new adventure!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! You two have always appeared to be so perfect for each other and this photo truly conveys your joy!! I'm so happy to hear of this news even though I don't know you since, as a follower, I have been able to glimpse into a part of the life you want to share with your readers and it's such a happy moment to see! OK, sorry to sound like such a stalker. hah. But congrats to the both of you!! =D

  4. Congrats!!!! Can't wait for some wedding inspired posts!!!

  5. Congratulations! Thrilled for you!


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