Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Club: Where'd You Go Bernadette, Parts Two-Four

Hello, readers!! Book Club, Parts 2-4 is in session! Here are this week's questions:

1. We finally get a glimpse at Bernadette's history. Were you surprised at her impressive past? And did you find it made sense of the present, or confuse her personality traits more?

2. Bernadette's letter to Paul really breaks everything down. What were your thoughts while reading? What would Elgie think?

3. In these sections, we got a closer look at the gnats. What is your opinion of Audrey & Soo-Lin now? Do you have more (or less) compassion for Audrey? Is Soo-Lin out of  line?

4. We finally have a closer look at Elgie & his work. Do you see any similarities between Samantha 2 & Bernadette?

5. OK. So the intervention clearly ended poorly. What was your immediate thought on Bernadette's whereabouts?

Don't forget to answer (and interact!!) in the comments below. My answers will be there as well. See you next week for the grand finale + Twitter chat!!


  1. 1. I knew something was unique about Bernadette's past, but I had sort of assumed she was maybe famous or had changed her name-- especially since the gnats previous internet searches provided no insight. I LOVED learning about her career and seeing what she had accomplished. It made me feel like she was never crazy at all, just a driven woman who was sort of pushed too far. Her creative brain just works differently than most people.

    2. I thought in a way that the letter to Paul was a bit of a meltdown, especially due to his lackluster response. I think Elgie would (and should) be upset, but also shouldn't be surprised she is talking to an old friend. She had been reminded of a piece of her past, so her natural reaction was to reach out to an important person from that past.

    3. I start to feel sympathetic for Audrey. She clearly has a really sad life-- a terrible son, no details really about her marriage-- and she does everything she can to make it seem perfect. It's sad to hear about the disparities between her Christmas card and real life. And her son is the worst. I definitely just felt BAD for her the whole time. Soo-Lin on the other hand, I HATE. I think she is really lonely which leads to being pathetic and needy and latching onto a married man. She is a bit delusional in their relationship and really took it too far.

    4. It was really interesting to read about the Ted talk, and learn about Samantha 2. Especially since it paralleled Bernadette's online "assistant" so much. I also got a laugh that the name (Samantha) is the same as the assistant in the movie Her. Coincidental of course, but so similar.

    5. I literally thought the book was taking a supernatural turn. Like it was going to go down the road of her becoming her eccentric spirit or something along those lines. It honestly really creeped me out!!

    Ok, what do you gals think??

  2. 1. This was a surprise! I liked hearing about the projects she had, and would actually love to see them if they had even been in real life! I think it showed how she suffered a great loss, and how terribly she dealt with it to lead her to the point she's at now. I feel like she took this "well screw them, then!" attitude rather than acknowledge her actual emotions involved.

    2. I found it interesting to hear her a little more vulnerable, yet at the same time, not at all. She is writing to someone she used to be close to, telling sides of stories she hasn't told her own husband. It's a way for her to get things off her conscious without much if any consequence (she thinks). It illustrated her inability to connect to those around her.

    3. So many motivations going on here! They each have their own agendas, even if they don't say it out loud that in turn cloud their judgment of reality at every turn. Hotel life sounds pretty bad, and it made me laugh when the police incident happened though. The foreshadowing for Kyle was great. They all are missing out on the bigger picture, which I think was a pattern for all the characters.

    4. This was one of the "could happen in real life" things in the book that made it more realistic to current life; maybe a married man is engulfed in his life work robots while his eccentric wife squabbles with the neighborhood den mother... I think the personal life investment with no return part was the parallel between Samantha & Bernadette for him though.

    5. Oh I had NO IDEA what happened. I almost skipped to the end to spoil the entire thing for myself I was soooo caught off guard with that twist! I wondered if she had a secret lair she'd been creating all those years with some sort of trap door.

    1. Since I worked on the launch of Kinect, the whole Samantha 2 thing was really relevant to me. I loved how both Bernadette and Elgie were savants in their respective fields and were attracted to each other's genius.

  3. Last participant to comment here but will hopefully be the first to comment for parts 5-8!

    1. I like that we discover what a truly ingenious woman she could be. I at first thought she might have been a socialite, but to know she was an actual creator and designer was so much more satisfying and helped me understand her more, though I questioned why she allowed their Seattle home to go the way of Grey Gardens.

    2. First off I thought Bernadette had no sense of boundaries with that show of verbal diarrhea, however I did think that it was so honest of her to open up to him that way. I definitely thought Elgy would be surprised by the things she revealed, and maybe hurt that she could confide in another person that way.

    3. Soo Lin has been the worst since day 1. Ugh! Just desperate and an attention starved gossip. Of course she is vulnerable too, but I just am so annoyed by her. Audrey needs to chill out. But I do sympathize because she is clearly unhappy and in denial.

    4. They are the same in that they can do standard home keeping. Reading his mind and doing what he wants. Very old school husband in a way, the way he leaves Bernadette to her own devices as long as she takes care of everything else (except of course the state of the house which is puzzling). He can't seem to be bothered. He wants to focus on his job which I get, but he needs to help her out. She wouldn't have had all that pressure and anxiety if he'd paid closer attention to her.

    5. Secret tunnel. That's what I thought.


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