Monday, May 5, 2014


Yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my iPhone. I have a pretty good record when it comes to phones... I have never broken one. I actually take an obscene amount of pride in this accomplishment, but mostly because I am SO FRUGAL that it would destroy my heart if I had to break down and pay for a new phone after cement decided to shatter the screen or something. So, I've been avoiding updating to the 5S because my 4S works perfectly fine. Sure, it was a little bit slow and sometimes it crashed and occasionally it said I had too many photos and wasn't allowed to take anymore. And from time to time, the battery life was about 3 hours shorter than I felt it should be. Nothing terrible, but nothing magical either.

So, I'm excited to say I am the proud new owner of a shiny, gold, super fast iPhone 5S. But, in order for it to stay shiny & new, I need a cute case!! Here are my top picks:

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  1. The case I use and highly recommend is Belkin, from Amazon. You can choose the color rim, and the clear backside means you can see the gorgeous gold phone! Good luck :)


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