Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Hooray for Fridays! I'm super excited on this particular Friday. I'm typing from SFO, en route to Seattle to visit my BFF! One of the hardest things about moving to San Francisco was leaving all of my best friends in other states. While I've made a lot of great friends in the City by the Bay, nothing compares to those friendships that you've had for years. The best thing about relationships that stand the test of time? Location isn't really an issue, am I right? Between FaceTime, Instagram, and frequent flier miles... you can go years in different area codes & never miss a beat. I imagine this weekend will be filled with lots of great food, good jokes, and maybe [definitely] a mimosa or two. I just hope Lindy remembers how funny she is, and refrains from making jokes when I've just taken a sip. [I tend to laugh so hard I have to spit it out. Sigh.]

How are you spending the sunny Saturday & Sunday ahead??


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