Monday, June 2, 2014

Pretty in Pink

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Perhaps it's the yearly resurgence of peonies, but I am finding myself gravitating towards all things pink these days. Now, let it be known that I don't always crush on the rosy hue. My room as a 5 year old, however, would beg to tell a different story. I was a girly-girl, through and through. Pink stripes, pink dots, pink carousel horses... all perfectly coordinated with my 100% pink wardrobe. Fierce!

These days, I think that pink is a little edgier than my 5 year old self would have been comfortable with. Yet maybe that's why I'm so obsessed? I love seeing pink sprinkled into even the most androgynous interiors & when fashionistas pair it with dusty hues.

While perusing my Pinterest boards, I noticed a theme & wanted to bring that inspiration to the blog. Above, you'll find my favorite pink pin-spiration, and below? All the blushing items on my wish list. What do you think of the controversial color??

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