Wednesday, November 26, 2014

LOOKING BACK: Thanksgiving 2013

The last two years, Tim and I spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco. While we both have families that whole-heartedly celebrate the holiday (his in Seattle, mine in Boise), we opted to save money by only traveling once during the holiday season. Christmas was to be with our folks, and Thanksgiving we stayed here.

The first year, it seemed a little weird at first - like we were picking a random day on the calendar and calling it "Thanksgiving." (Crazy how different it feels when your mom isn't waking you up with coffee and Christmas music shaking the house?! I guess this is adulthood.) Once we got used to it, we quickly understood what a special memory we would have.

By year two (last year), we realized we had created traditions.  Holiday rolls & mimosas in the morning, football in the park, and cooking our own Thanksgiving menu. (Heavy on the stuffing, light on the green bean casserole.)  I'll admit that last year, we sort of cheated and ordered the main courses pre-made from Whole Foods. But - that's like THE most delicious meal ever and made our lives a little easier. Our friend Kyle joined us and looking back, I think the three of us agree that it was one of the best days we've had in San Francisco.... maybe ever? Kyle took a few great photos that I never shared. I figured, on the eve of another Thanksgiving - what better time than now?

This year, we've got a little something different planned. I can't wait to share! Wishing you & your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving.


All image credits: Kyle Kirchhoff 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Engagement Party in a Box

Tim and I have been engaged for almost 8 months now. [What the heck? EIGHT.] And I realized I haven't done a very good job blogging about engaged life/wedding planning/etc. #OOPS. I am hoping to change that since writing on this blog has been one of my favorite hobbies and I'm always so bummed when I neglect it. In addition, I have a lot of [unexpected] thoughts on wedding planning and the wedding industry in general, so I hope I'm able to carve out time for this more often.

First up, I wanted to share one of the best engagement gifts we received. Tim's best friend [Dan] and his beautiful wife [Samantha] live in Seattle, where Tim grew up. Samantha and I have grown close over the years and I'm always in awe of her talents. [She is a DIY queen. Seriously, you can see their amazing wedding here.] A few days after we arrived back from Mexico, we received a huge box from Washington. Inside was basically an engagement party so that Samantha and Dan could celebrate with us from afar!

The package was filled with wedding magazines, nail polish, champagne, cigars, glassybaby candle holders, and The Newlywed Cookbook. It was so much fun to open each gift and it really felt like an actual party. It also made our engagement seem more "real." Of course, we always knew it was real... but we'd been floating on Cloud 9 - and a few waves in the Caribbean - so we hadn't had a chance to let the reality set in. It brought us down to earth in San Francisco and let us celebrate the moment whole-heartedly.

I absolutely LOVE this concept for gifts. While it's never required to go above and beyond when giving someone a present, there is something so much more fun about opening multiple small gifts in one big box. It's exciting! Since many of my close friends live in different states, I will definitely be stealing this idea from Samantha in the future - whether it's for birthdays, holidays, engagements or promotions. It's the best way to party when you can't hop on a plane!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

At Home With Refinery29!

A few months ago, Refinery29's talented San Francisco editor [Angela Tafoya] contacted me with a total dream offer- they wanted to feature our apartment! Of course, it got a little daunting after that... she said I would be in the pictures, too. If you haven't noticed, I've taken a bit of a hiatus on blogging and "sharing my style," so I can fully admit I was INTIMIDATED.

However, I've been reading Refinery for...basically ever. I knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. Angela arrived with the very talented Anna Alexia-Basile and the shoot was a blast. Even little Roxanne got in on the action! I know this might be old news, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from the feature here:

Blouse: Piperlime // Jeans: AG // Clogs: Sol Sana // Bracelets: Gold & Gray

Dress: Gap // Sneakers: Converse 

Top: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Katie Dean Jewelry

Top: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity 

MAJOR thank you to Angela + Anna for making me look so cool. To see the FULL TOUR, visit Refinery 29 here.

[All images shot by Anna Alexia-Basile for Refinery29.]