Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outdoor Living

Even though I grew up in a small city, primarily made up of suburbs, I've found that urban living is a great fit for my personality. I always dreamt of living in "the big city" [which one? I knew not] and having a corner market downstairs and a coffee shop and taking taxis everywhere. [Is that the romanticized version or WHAT?!] But seriously, whether my vision was built on reruns of SATC or not, it panned out pretty close to accurate.

I love the energy of city life. There is always something going on. Endless restaurants and bars, entertainment, events... Last weekend I went to a magic show, a food festival, and Fred Armisen stand up. How is this real life? I also LOVE not having a car. Walking everywhere is the best thing in the world and while sure, my feet do have 1 or more blisters at all times, I've enjoyed that time getting to know this gorgeous place. Last month marked my 2 year anniversary [how did that happen you guys??], so Tim and I spent a little time reflecting. After all, I was essentially yanked from an adorable little house in Boise's North End and plopped down in the middle of a huge metropolitan area without a job or a clue. In hindsight, that could have been a real disaster. I'm immensely grateful that it worked out.

However, we also talked about the things I really miss. Nachos at Matador, riding my bike downtown, and... having a private outdoor space. At my old house, I had a charming front porch and a sprawling back patio. I had a choice of either! I loved having breakfast out front and lounging in the shade with a pile of magazines. Or having wine before we went out for dinner. Or getting a little sun on my legs. I mean, it was the best. Here, I've got a rickety fire escape that isn't suitable for escaping from a fire, let alone lounging. We do have access to our rooftop, but it's 1. A shared space and 2. Incredibly windy. I have thought about putting some work in up there, but plants won't really take the wind very well and I don't want to invest a bunch of my [nonexistent] money for a community space. 

To make myself feel better, I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I walk through Golden Gate Park or go on hikes in Mill Valley. I picnic at Alamo Square or whale watch at Ocean Beach. And to feel better about having to share those experiences with the general public, I peruse Pinterest for the best patios ever. And then I get slightly sad, but then very excited for my next home. Here are a few of the outdoor spaces that make my heart beat a little faster. Which one is your favorite?

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