Sunday, January 18, 2015


2015 is already off to a little delayed start. I had plans to write this post during the first few days of the year... yet here we are, at midnight on the 18th. Whoops. I think I'm seeing a trend with this blog...

It's no excuse, but I have actually been really, really busy at my job. We're creating tons of great content and I'm writing almost every day, so you know... take a peek.

Anyways, I wanted to write a little bit about resolutions - though I realize, I'm like 18 days late so this is totally redundant in blogland by now. (Oh well. If you stop reading now, I'll never know.) I am all for resolutions, but I don't really take a traditional approach. I mean, you basically are setting yourself up for failure if you are too strict from the get-go. (For example: I'm going to lose 7 lbs!! = I'm going to eat 70 tacos. I want to read 1 book a month = I am going to spend $70 at Barnes & Noble and clutter up my nightstand while I still play on my iPhone every night before bed.) Instead, I like to use the "New Year's Resolution" as a chance to take a closer look at my life. What are some broad areas that could use a little help? What do I need to fix? What is already awesome and should only be enhanced?

This year is going to be a big one for me (we're getting married in June!!) so it was fun to think about what I want to change and accomplish:

-Read more books & print magazines. I find myself playing on my phone constantly - barf. While I do read a LOT of news articles online, I miss the routine of curling up with a great book or magazine and letting my brain unwind from real life.
-Be kinder to my body. I don't necessarily want to lose weight (though, my wedding dress would look awesome if I did). I do want to eat healthier, make exercise a priority, and drink more water. I want to feel better without feeling like I'm "dieting." If I end up looking better as a result, that will a great little benefit.
-Be kinder to my mind. Spoiler alert: I am really hard on myself. I set unrealistic expectations and feel tremendous guilt if I can't achieve them. I want to do my best, but I don't want to fall victim to the stress and imaginary pressure I create for myself.
-Cultivate more friendships in San Francisco. Many of my best friends live elsewhere. I've made a few friends here, as well as built many industry relationships. I want to make those into more meaningful friendships (and spend less time watching TV with Roxanne). I'll admit, it's a scary one to verbalize. But hey. L&L is nothing if not honest.
-Put my family and my relationships first. Speaks for itself. Love should always be the priority. Not technology, or work, or made up obligations.

That's really it. I suppose one other thing I thought of was more personal writing... which basically is a fancy way of saying blog here more frequently. I had this grand idea of sharing my journey through wedding planning, adding more lifestyle content, and sharing my SF favorites. I even had a great plan of recapping every episode of The Bachelor. (#PrinceFarming.) Yet, weeks go by and I find myself opting to binge-watch Vanderpump Rules and avoid my laptop at all costs. EMBARRASSING. So, in addition to the above... I "resolve" to kick it on L&L a few more days a week/month/year.

Do you make a list of resolutions? (And if so... any tricks for sticking with them?!)


  1. Gorgeous pics! I like your resolutions! My suggestion would be to give yourself a goal to work on one of them each day instead of trying to read/be kinder/healthier/make friends and prioritize family all at once. Just might make it more attainable and help you create the habits slowly :) hopefully by the end of the year you'll be doing it all without even thinking!

  2. I am frightened to even LOOK at my blog right now. I have disrespected her so by being so distant... I agree with you, simply building on behavior that one is already working on is the best type of resolution. I love the one book a month analysis ($70 later on the nightstand- been there). But I do think another L & L book club is in order! Even just once in a while you know? I'll join again!
    Inspired to get back on my own posting horse. It needn't be perfect, it just needs to get done, bit by bit. We're all watching and reading! Here's to 2015, Kelli!!!! See you soon!!!xxoo

  3. I'll be your friend! (Yes, I know that sounds creepy). But I understand how difficult it can be to make friends in this city. I always say we need a dating app for friendships ;)

    Maybe you can host a meet up for your SF readers, like a group brunch or a walk in GG Park. We're probably all very similar gals who would get along great!


Thank you for reading! xoKelli