Monday, January 26, 2015

A little love...

I mentioned it a few times last year (see here & here), but I am one of those OBNOXIOUS girls that just loves Valentine's Day. Even when I was single (and relatively bitter), I really enjoyed the excuse to show my friends and family a little extra love. And keep in mind, this is coming from a girl who went to elementary school BEFORE it was required to give every classmate a Valentine. (It's safe to say that people didn't entirely understand my personality and my handcrafted Valentine's Day Mailbox was occasionally a little drafty.) I was looking at the West Elm gift section and stumbled upon the VALENTINE'S DAY JACKPOT.  From a cute heart bud vase to chic paperweights, I want every last item.

Whether you plan on celebrating GALentine's Day (with pizza & peonies & Bridesmaids on repeat), or you just feel like treating your own darn self, I think the next 2 weeks are the perfect opportunity to do a little shopping with love in mind. Here are my top picks -- which item do you HEART most?

Shop my Valentine's Day Favorites at West Elm: 1. Bud Vase // 2. Heart Clutch // 3. Key Ring // 4. Tea Towel // 5. Marble Box // 6. Paperweight // 7. Love Lock // 8. Dinnerware

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