Monday, February 2, 2015


If you follow me on Instagram, you likely have noticed that my feed is like... 25% cat pictures. Not just any cats, though. #RoxanneDolores & #LeonardFrancis. Sure, I used to be embarrassed about the "cat lady" stigma, but these days - I couldn't care less. I love having pets and am a firm believer and supporter in the joy they bring any household. It can be annoying to have to find care for them when we travel, and Roxanne has had some health issues (which I'll be writing about later) that aren't ideal... but all in all, I'm obsessed.

The kind folks at Purina realized that Roxanne Dolores was a total star, and sent her a present!! She could hardly wait to get her paws on it:

They recently launched a new cat litter called Purpose, and the slogan is to "put a bright face on a dirty chore." The packaging is so cute - maybe because I'm biased and the cat on the cover is Rox's doppelgänger. The branding is ON POINT (how funny is this "How To" section??) and I am glad that companies are finally recognizing that really cool cat ladies (and cat men) exist. It's available exclusively at Target - which is my second home.

As for the litter itself, it smells great (not weirdly medicinal) and works well with our hilarious litter box, the Litter Robot. Like, you own a cat... they need to have a litter box... shouldn't it be awesome?

I mean sure, I never thought I'd see the day where I blogged about litter. But I love my cat, and I love this brand, and I figured at least 2 of you out there found this blog because you liked a photo of one or both of my cats. So obviously, it's only natural to share the love. Another huge thank you to Purpose for the gift - which include a few treats for me too! Click here to find it at a Target near you.

Disclosure: Purpose Cat Litter sent me (and Roxy) a thoughtful gift and the chance to try out Purpose, but the opinions here are 100% my own.

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