Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Girls' Night In

February is always a pretty anti-social month for me. The craziness of catching up in January always seems to weigh me down, and so February hits and I basically refuse to leave the house. But, it's the height of awards season (Oscars!), The Bachelor is just getting juicy, and Friends is on Netflix. I think February is the perfect occasion for a "girls' night in," filled with celebrity gossip, trashy TV, and plenty of snacks.

Whenever I plan a party, no matter how small, I always want to give our apartment a little refresh. The quickest way to do that is update the details. Target, obviously, is my go-to. The Threshold line seems like it was created with my apartment in mind, and - hello - Nate Berkus can do no wrong. For my last little soiree, I snagged a few new pillows from both lines and our sofa was completely transformed. (See here for reference.) Since our space is small, I knew I wanted to get some new seating. The Nate Berkus geo-print pouf is great (and surprisingly comfortable), and can be tucked under my desk as a foot rest when we're not using it. I also love the Threshold Iron & Glass Hurricane Candle Holder (with an unscented candle) for a little mood lighting.

Target also had a lot of great entertaining essentials that perfectly fit my aesthetic - and, more importantly, the decor I already own! Luxe serving trays (which are perfect for food OR drinks), mix & match plates (like these geometric ones from Nate's line), and versatile tumblers for cocktails did just the trick. My favorite addition, however, was the glass and acacia "chip and dip." At first, it seemed frivolous. But we watch a lot of movies and sports, and it has already been used a ton. It cut down on dishes and looks gorgeous. Fresh guacamole is all my heart needs to be happy. 

Finally, when it comes to entertaining, I admit to aiming for the easy route. I take full responsibility (and pride!!) in this. I don't really have much luck in the kitchen, and I also don't have a ton of time. I think it's 100% acceptable to offer pre-made food as long as you dress it up a bit and include a few fun drink options. I fixed a plate of taquitos (because, who can resist taquitos??) but melted cheese over the top and added fresh salsa. My brother's handmade glass dishes were the perfect addition for individual salsa servings. (And did I mention the fresh guac?!) For cocktails, I like to keep it fairly simple - which is easy to do if you choose a good liquor. Brugal's Dry Rum is so tasty, I'd drink it alone. (But I won't.) Club soda and lime is all it needs to be a fresh drink you can sip on all night. (Get the exact recipe here.) Since not everyone goes for rum, I had a few beers on hand but avoided the "college frat boy" route and put them on a matching blue tray. (Side note -- I am OB-SESSED with these trays and they will be making an appearance at our wedding. So. Pretty.)

I like to think this is proof you can have a pretty party without a lot of effort. AND - with a few thoughtful updates - it will seem like your place got a complete makeover. (Will I ever stop preaching the power of the pillow? NOPE. Never.) When it comes to entertaining (or at the very least, binge-watching The Bachelor), I'm set to host through spring AND it feels like we have a brand new living room. 

What are your favorite entertaining tricks for a quick & affordable party that still looks great?


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