Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Engagement Photos (Pt. 2)

As promised, here are a few more pics from the second half of our engagement photos.

We headed to Lands' End, one of the prettiest places probably in the world. It always blows my mind that we live in such a busy, noisy, crazy city - but we're 15 minutes from the ocean.

Walking along the path, there's this wall/barrier to keep the earth from falling into the ocean (or something). It's a little industrial looking and ended up being the perfect backdrop. You'd never know that on the other side of the camera is the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. The color is pretty and the lighting was perfect, so these ended up being some of our favorite photos from the session:

Then we headed down to the lookout and Erin made photo MAGIC. I did my absolute best to choose like 2 or 3 photos to post, but I couldn't. I love them all SO much:

At the end of the session, we were both freezing and a little exhausted. I looked out at the water and saw dolphins playing in the waves. (Erin captured that moment too, and it really shows off my inner nerd.) I am totally obsessed with marine life and am always searching for dolphins and whales. (I would say this is a pretty tragic obsession to have, since I get very seasick and can't go on whale watching tours.) Staring out at the "dolphin infested" water as the sun set was surreal, and was the perfect end to the day. It made me feel so relieved and thankful that after my dramatic temper tantrum, we still made engagement photos a priority.

I'll be forever grateful that we'll have these photos to mark this time in our lives. Someday, when we have been married for 30+ years and live somewhere a little slower, we'll look back at these pictures and remember when we lived in the most beautiful city on earth and our only priority was to enjoy it.

[All images by the talented Erin Conger. My hair & makeup by Katie Nash. See the first batch of photos here.]

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  1. Aww Kelli, that's so beautiful!! You're so beautiful!! Ps. Greg just got the job offer in LA


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