Thursday, May 21, 2015

#BaaBaaBachelorette Welcome Bags

My bachelorette party was a few weeks ago, and it's safe to say it was absolutely the most fun I've ever had. EVER. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite photos this week, and you can find (almost) all of the shenanigans on Instagram. #BaaBaaBachelorette -- you know, as in the noise that little lambs make? As in I'm going to be a Lamb soon? Lindy, my Maid of Honor, thought of it and it's one of the 1 million reasons I'm obsessed with her. SO. FUNNY.

I felt really honored that my bridesmaids would even be bridesmaids in the first place, let alone travel somewhere for me, so I wanted to make sure it would be a fun event. (The girls live all over - Boise, Seattle, SF, and Austin.) Having spent many a weekend in Vegas in my early twenties, I felt like that was the wrong choice for me. (Been there, done that.) Napa - and a limo to take us to 100 wineries - could be great, but I felt too much guilt making them all come to me when I would just be driving a short distance over the bridge. I realized that Palm Springs would be the perfect locale. Warm weather, good food, and a relaxing pool day. (Leave it to me to choose the one hotel with a Vegas-style pool party, but more on that later.)

To thank everyone for their travels AND welcome them to the party, Lindy and I worked together to create some welcome bags for everyone. I remembered to snap a few photos to share here. (Though they're only iPhone and it was getting dark, so... ugh!) Hopefully this post will offer up a few ideas for your next girls' getaway!


1. A CUTE TOTE: I got one that has my mantra on it. Because pizza IS cheaper than therapy and it fixes EVERYTHING. I snagged it at Forever21 and it has since sold out, but this one is pretty similar. These are essential to hold all the goodies, but can also be used for the pool later in the weekend.

2. SUNGLASSES + CASE: Since we'd be in the sun, I knew sunglasses were a must. And the heart ones were perfect! Those have ALSO sold out (rats!!) but this pair or this pair are just as cute. As for the case? It's still available and totally fabulous. (Click here to purchase!)

3. BEAUTY SUPPLIES: I included a few things in this department - it is my speciality after all! A cute comb to conquer pool hair, and hair ties from my all-time favorite line - Mane Message. (I loved the pop of color they added to the bags!) I also was sure to include sunscreen and aloe vera, as well as an aloe vera sheet mask because a long day in the desert always calls for some light rejuvenation. For the evening, I made sure each girl had a Bare Minerals lip gloss. I tossed it all in a PALM print beauty bag (duh!) which might be my favorite ever. I'll be using it for years to come!

4. TEQUILA: This speaks for itself. I added a cute straw and made sure that we had Squirt to make little margs in the room. (If we had been driving somewhere, I would have made it into a little gift box with a lime and mini marg mix. Blame TSA and luggage restrictions!!) And it's not a party unless someone invites Patron... though if you'd asked us on Sunday, we might have disagreed. Which leads me to...

5. A RECOVERY KIT: I found these little "I Regret Nothing" bags on Etsy and knew I HAD to include them. First of all, adorable. Second of all, necessary. Advil and Alka Seltzer were a saving grace after a long weekend.

Tune in tomorrow for my favorite pics from the weekend!


  1. I love everything! When I saw your hashtag (and shenanigans) on Instagram it made me laugh, love it! I am hosting a bachelorette party in August and plan to make a kit of some sort as well. I am thinking for a bag to hold everything in I am also going to do totes but I want to iron on our hashtag! I love those little bags from etsy. Keep the pics coming!

  2. Thank you!! I wish I had the time to iron on the hashtag -- that was my original idea and will be SO cute for your party!!


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